Carpet deep cleaning explained

There is a number of reasons why you should keep your carpet clean. First of all, a clean environment can ensure the health of your family, which is of utmost importance. A clean carpet also produces an attractive atmosphere inside the house and makes people feel at ease when visiting you. It is visually unappealing to have spots and filth on your floor, not to mention that dirty carpets will also emit foul odours you would not want to smell inside a house. What is more, the carpet is the perfect place for bacteria and mould to form especially after you spill drinks on it. Vacuum cleaning the carpets in your house regularly is not enough. You will need to employ a deep cleaning from time to time to destroy all potential threats. Fortunately, you can hire deep carpet cleaning Hastings services and rely on them to ensure that all the carpets in your house do not represent a danger for your health. What is more, deep cleaning will also make carpets look like new and remove pet fur and stains. When hiring carpet cleaners Hastings, you should make sure they follow a detailed plan to destroy every trace of harmful bacteria and dirt.

The process of deep cleaning must start with a pre inspection. The cleaning company must establish the extent of the damage to take appropriate measures, because certain stains will not come off using the regular cleaning method and require special care. Afterwards, a commercial vacuum cleaner is used. This powerful device can vacuum almost all the dust in any carpet, no matter how densely packed. Getting all dust and dirt out of the carpets will make the washing easier later. The next step should be spotting all the stains and using a special cleaning solution on them to break it down for extraction. After using a special solution on hard to remove stains, carpet cleaners Hastings would usually use another cleaning solution on the entirety of the carpet with the purpose of emulsifying the dirt and suspending it for an easier extraction. After the solution is in place, the carpet is scrubbed with a rotating mechanical brush to agitate the solution before the hot water extraction. A professional high powered machine is used to extract the water with solution and dirt from the carpet leaving it like new. The machine will recover all the water leaving it dry, but specialists will also use a rapid drying machine to ensure no trace of dampness is left.

Deep cleaning is impossible to achieve at home. In fact, specialists do not recommend it, because homeowners do not have high powered commercial machines at their disposal to ensure the cleaning solution and water are completely removed from the carpet. A damp carpet is dangerous, as it can encourage mould and bacteria growth, so take your carpets for professional deep cleaning for clear results. What is more, professional cleaners will be able to remove stains without damaging the carpet or allowing the colour to fade.

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