The impact of guerilla marketing campaigns on consumer buying

Advertising plays a very important role in modern society and has become probably the most important tool to promote various products and services. In fact, in order to gain control of the market and become leader of a particular segment, a company needs to invest the majority of its budget into advertising. In addition, while in the past radio and banners ads were very popular, these days companies are more likely to be successful with the help of a promotional staffing agency. Even though the main concept behind a marketing campaign has remained to create an emotional link between the consumer and the product, considering the fast pace we live in and how much information there is out there, it takes more than just an ad to transmit the message you want to your buyers and create that emotional bond. To this extent, guerrilla marketing is a technique that has been around for quite some time now, but only recently gained in popularity.

A guerrilla marketing agency will use unusual means of promoting a product in order to entice the customers and lure them to buy whatever product is advertised. Originating from guerrilla warfare operations that used unconventional techniques in fighting the enemy, techniques that sometimes even violated the ordinary rules, this type of marketing campaign will create a buzz among consumers and thus turn the entire campaign truly viral. With the introduction of social media, guerrilla advertising campaigns are now more popular than ever, because they can be seen by more people and more potential buyers can be reached. Guerrilla advertising is based on direct interaction of the consumer with a product. Naturally, the closer someone interacts with a product, the more likely they are to connect that product with a personal need they have and thus choose it over something else. The wow effect is always a must when it comes to guerrilla advertising, as only truly creative campaigns are successful.

A guerrilla marketing agency should always be able to anticipate the needs of its clients and come up with an idea that represents that product perfectly. Some of the largest companies on the market have used guerrilla advertising successfully in order to obtain the expected results. Companies like Coca Cola are famous for their innovative marketing campaigns and how they always reach their consumers successfully. With the help of an experienced promotional staffing agency there are always great results that can be obtained. A successful campaign will always have a big impact for that brand, but for this to happen companies need to collaborate closely with their agencies and work together to create the campaign that will transmit the right message. Since this is such a popular form of advertisement these days there are many agencies that offer guerrilla marketing services and companies should choose the one they think they can work best with. With a little time and research, the right agency will surely show up and it will do wonders for any company.

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