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Despite the gradual transition towards a paperless world, there are still many businesses that rely on paper and printing to operate and those who work in this industry know just how important it is to have the right tools at their disposal. High quality paper is, of course, essential for companies from the publishing industry or large enterprises that need physical copies as much as they need digital ones. However, a high quality printer is just as important. Many businesses rely on basic printers, the kind that people use for individual needs, but these often fail to deliver high performance and do not resists to daily wear and tear. Heavy duty commercial printers, though more expensive, are more beneficial for large business, because they provide better quality and are more durable. There are many brands that do commercial scale printers: Xaar, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Spectra and several others.

Once you invest in the right commercial printer, you can rest assured that you will get much better results compared to a regular inkjet. The main difference that you will notice right away is that an industrial grade device is much faster, allowing you to print large volumes of paper in a short period of time, without clogging or running out of ink almost instantly. Once you notice a decrease in printing quality, you might have to replace the printhead and for this you will need to find a professional supplier that specializes in commercial grade tools. If you have a device from Konica Minolta, than one printer you should check out is the Konica KM512 LH 42PL. Make sure you check compatibility before you buy it, because not all printheads are created equal.

Another popular print head is the Konica KM1024 MNB 14PL, quite advanced compared to its predecessor. This is mainly because it can print in two modes (binary and gray scale), but its energy saving benefits should not be neglected either. In fact, if your printers are plugged in and working non stop (like in the case of a magazine), energy consumption should be one of the first criteria on your list when looking for a new print head. The number of dots per inch is important, but try not seek high resolution above all else.

Needless to say, you should only original printheads and sign a supply contract only with sellers that you really trust and that stand behind the quality of their products. Unfortunately, there are many suppliers that erase the product series on the packaging and sell fake print heads to unsuspecting clients. Fakes are cheaper, but you will notice the difference in quality right away and, in addition to this, you risk damaging the entire printer and paying high repair costs.

All in all, high quality paper, printers and replacement printer tools are among the essential components that commercial scale companies need. Despite the digitalization of businesses, many industries still rely on printers and the dedicated market can satisfy their needs with efficient, eco-friendly supplies.

To learn more about printheads such as the Konica KM512 LH 42PL or the Konica KM1024 MNB 14PL, please visit this website.

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