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When buying a printing device, users can choose from different types according to the components they feature. Both consumers and professionals purchase inkjet printing devices for benefiting the multiple advantages offered by them. When having such a printing technology all your documents and photographs are made at a high color quality and you can even reproduce fine works of art when using it. Other advantage of using this type of printing device is that the photos and documents realized by it are cleaner and you can create them by using an affordable printing device. You should know that when a professional wants to buy a new printing device he takes into consideration the types of print heads every inkjet printing device uses. Nowadays, two types of print heads are commonly used: Thermal and Piezo.

Different manufacturers use them and people should know what differences are between these two print heads, before deciding to purchase an inkjet printing. The piezo print head uses microscopic piezoelectric elements that are placed behind the print nozzles. These piezoelectric elements can be ceramics and crystals, and when an electric charge is applied to them, they bend back and force different amounts of ink to go into the substrate. An example of print head that uses this process is Konica KM512 LN 42PL. The user has a big amount of control aver the quantity of ink that is injected, because the electrical charges are turned off and on like in the process of switching light. The advantage of this process is that it allows the user to create perfect spherical dots in different sizes. Industrial and commercial inkjet printers use the piezo print heads, like Konica KM512 MH 14PL, and only a few consumer printers use them. The piezo print heads allow the usage of a wider range of inks than thermal ones do, because they do not require the presence of a volatile component.

Many manufacturers use thermal inkjet process when designing their inkjet printings. Two groups from different manufacturers discovered this process in the same time. The engineer Ichiro Endo discovered it when he tried to use the piezoelectric effect, and he noticed that ink was shot out when it is heated with a soldering iron. The main difference between the print heads that use this process and the peizo ones is that thermal ones use heat to force the ink to go from the print head to the substrate. The thermal inkjet uses a technology similar to water bubbles when boiled. The microscopic resistors found behind the print nozzle are electrified and they create an intense heat that makes ink to evaporate and to create a bubble. This bubble quickly grows and it makes the ink to explode onto the paper. After this process is done the chamber cools rapidly and allows to other quantity of ink to refill it. This refill allows the thermal printing to repeat the process. According to your needs, you should see what type of ink printing device is better for you.

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