When to replace your print heads

Print heads are replaceable consumables and the most important part of your printer. Maintaining your print heads in a good condition is essential to ensure that your printer will function properly. Therefore, you should follow the instruction on your printer’s manual guide and clean them regularly to ensure the ink will not dry and clog them. If your printing device has too many failures or the quality of the prints is low, you should perform a Nozzle check. This is the first step in verifying whether the print heads are dried up and need replacement. If the nozzle check is missing lines, you should first try to clean the heads with the maintenance utility and only after the problem persists, you should replace the offending cartridges. After the new cartridges are installed and the issue is not solved, you can be certain that you are dealing with clogged print heads. Replacing them will only take a couple of minutes, but you should make sure to buy the right type and try to avoid fakes. You should note down the entire name of the print heads as for instance Spectra Polaris 512 15 pl, because you cannot normally use the print heads from another printer, even if the brand and year of fabrication are the same. There is a big difference between Spectra Polaris 512 15 pl and Spectra Polaris 512 35 pl, even if at first sight the only distinction is a number in the name.

When it comes to print head replacement, people often mistakenly think they cannot possible have defective parts, because they rarely use their printer. However, print heads fail because the machine is not used and the ink dries up, clogging everything. The situation can be salvaged sometimes, if you clean each part manually, but print heads are quite delicate and you often end up ruining them for good. Another reason why these parts fail is naturally overuse. Printing elements need to switch on and off very quickly over the paper and the fast heating and cooling process resulting from these fast movements destroy the most delicate parts of the printer over the time, including the print heads. The pressure applied to fine tune print is another reason why certain parts fail and especially printheads that need to work harder under these circumstances.

All in all, print heads are consumables that need replacements from time to time to ensure that your printer works at its finest. You can ensure your print heads have a longer life, if you pay attention to their maintenance and help reduce the overheating of the elements. The first sign of a printhead failure is the fact that the quality of a print is reduced considerably even after replacing the cartridge. When the images you print become lighter and you will find entire white sections in an area where you should have text or color, you should seriously think about replacing them. You will find replacement parts for your device online, but make sure to order original pieces.

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