How to deal with clogged printer heads

When not used for some time printer heads can get clogged and cause issues with the print job quality. Just imagine you have to print an article for a client that has been working so hard on it the previous night and you see that there are mostly impurities on the paper you printed. Instead of the work of art your client might have expected, you offer him a paper full of blotches and that does not resemble a masterpiece in any way. The fact is that most inkjet printers like Spectra SL-128get get clogged with dried ink. But why does this happen? What happens is that the majority of people don’t bother to change the cartridge when the low ink light is on. What they do is wait until they see that the color has run out completely. When faced with this situation, it is necessary to actually clean your print head.

Rather than rushing into the cleaning of the print head, it is important to learn a few things about the basics of how the inkjet printer works. A print head such as Spectra Nova 256 80 PL is the main component of an inkjet printer. Since it gets the most wear and tear, it is likely to cause many problems. Although you need it to print, it is not always included in the ink cartridge. More precisely, the vast majority of cartridges have the head print built directly into the ink cartridge. While this can be convenient, it can also cause many issues such as the need for changing the head together with the ink. The ink itself is not always of good quality, meaning that the poor material can really cause you pain. The solution is to attempt to perform a nozzle check. If you are not sure where the print head is located, then check the printer’s manual and see if the head is in the printer of if it is part of the ink cartridge. Blocked colors are usually indicated by a nozzle check pattern, which in turn will also tell you which cleaning solution is best.

You can either force the printer to reprime the cartridges or manually clean the print head. For the first operation you can check the nozzle and clear away any air bubbles and dried ink deposits. On the other hand, you can clean the cartridge using a combination of water and isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab. This solution will loosen the dry ink and you can equally use the swab to clean the ink receptacle as long as the print head is deep in the printer. The only problem is that even if this task is successful, you can take out too much ink. The outcome will be that the wipers smear the ink all over the print head and this leads to the blocking of the nozzles. In other words, the more cleaning you do the more damage is done. Since cleaning the excess ink is not a matter of using a swab, it is best to leave the print head alone or buy a new one. A print head like Spectra SL-128 is built to las and fast moving.

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