Taking a look inside inkjet printers

Since their introduction on the market in the 1980s, inkjet printers have gained considerable popularity due to their performance. Thanks to inkjet printing both professionals and consumers can realize high quality photos, documents or fine art reproductions. Although inkjet printers were produced at a large scale in the 1980s, it was not until the 1990s that the prices dropped, making this type of technology accessible for everyone. In just a couple of years, inkjet printers have witnessed fast technological advancements. Printers used to be very messy, not to mention expensive.
Prior to the invention of inkjet printing, the ink was applied directly onto paper with the help of a printing plate that was supposed to carry it and make a physical impression on the surface of the paper. For this reason, inkjet printers represented a sort of revolution because they marked a departure from old methods. What made the technology revolutionary is the print head. Print heads such as Spectra SM-128 are at the core of inkjet printers. They are basically small chambers where the ink is stored and they also comprise a nozzle from which the ink is ejected, one drop at a time. The drops of ink are near-microscopic, meaning that they are virtually invisible to the human eye. This method is commonly known as Drop-On-Demand and it allows people to produce images on demand.

Print heads such as Spectra SE-128 take less than half a second to impress the strip across the page. It is even believed that future technologies will allow an even faster movement. The main feature of modern inkjet printing is represented by the fact that there is no more direct contact between the print head and the surface of the media on which the image is created. Eliminating the need for direct contact can be translated into easier and cleaner impressions. The images produced are at the same time spectacular and intricately detailed. Some might even argue that they are true works of art.

At present, most inkjets make use of thermal technology, which means that they comprise a thermal inkjet print head. As the name clearly suggests, they use heat in order to cause the ink out of the chamber and out of the nozzle. The concept is in a way similar to the way water bubbles when it boils. The process is ingenious because the thermal inkjet has no moving parts. In other words, it is less expensive to produce and it will not clog very often.

Over the years, manufacturers have invested considerable sums of money into print head technology with the intention of perfecting the technique of print head manufacturing. The outcome will be a greater ability to produce high quality images and greater detail, all this in less time. No matter the technology used, inkjet printers have become irreplaceable devices. Almost everyone has one in their homes. Whether at home or the office, printers have made it a lot easier to create photographic images and brought color back into people’s lives.

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