What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a type of massage that relies on the application of appropriate pressure on specific areas and points on the body especially to the feet, hands and ears. These three areas have numerous reflex points corresponding to various body organs and systems, so the pressure applied by the reflexologist will help heal disorders and ensure the health of these systems. For instance, applying pressure to a specific point in the arch of the foot will help cure bladder diseases. Reflexology is beneficial to the whole body, guaranteeing improvements after a couple of sessions. If you suffer from chronic pain, medication will only numb the pain without going to the root of the problem. With regular visits to a reflexology Sydney clinic, you can keep health disorders in check. People use reflexology to complement their treatments for anxiety, cancer, asthma, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, PMS, headaches and sinusitis. You can use this massage as complementary treatment or as preventive action against a great number of medical conditions. For instance, if you have gastritis and you are prone to developing ulcer, you can visit a reflexology North Sydney clinic to ensure that your problem will not worsen in time.

When it comes to reflexology treatment, knowing reflex points and the appropriate pressure for each point is essential. The theory has been perfected over the years, so practitioners can instantly access the points on the feet, hands and ears that affect organs and systems of the entire body. An hour of massage can help improve your overall health considerably, because the massaged areas are small, so the practitioner can dedicate five minutes to each point and focus on the areas where you have problems. With a simple search, you can sing maps of reflex points used by practitioners all over the world. However, not all maps are identical, because there is not agreement among all reflexology practitioners. The differences between reflex points maps are minimal and will not affect the quality of the massage to a large extent. It is important to resort to the services of a professional practitioner to ensure that the pressure is appropriate and the massage strokes correct.

Studying reflexology maps is not enough to practice massage. Even though these are straightforward, the reflex points are not always easy to find, not to mention that you need to apply different pressure to each region. If someone suffers from a certain disease, the level of pressure should also be adjusted depending on his or her health condition. An interesting fact is that reflex points corresponding the left side of the body are found on the right foot, while the organs and systems from the right side of the body have reflex points on the left foot. If you resort to reflexology massage, you should tell the clinic personnel all your problems, if you wish for the practitioner to focus on those areas. Reflexologists can perform both general massage and massage that focuses on specific problem areas.

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