Benefits of deep tissue massage

Massage is an ancient practice whose roots date millions of years ago, in Asia. Although initially, the technique was a mere relaxation method, later on, its benefits have reached modern world and more and more doctors recommend it as a recovery therapy for several conditions. Deep tissue massage, for instance, is a type of therapy used for medical injuries of the musculoskeletal system. This particular technique concentrates on the deepest layers of the body’s muscles, aiming to bring them back flexibility and full functionality. During the procedure, the therapist applies finger pressure and uses short, firm strokes on the injured part of the body. Due to the many similarities, deep tissue massage is often mistaken with Swedish massage, but the main difference is the intensity and pressure used.

The treatment has multiple benefits, so you should consider attending some sessions, especially if you need physical recovery. To being with, it reduces chronic pain, resulting from recent injury or dysfunctions. Recent studies have shown that deep tissue massage Sydney is the most affordable and efficient method to relieve pain, without using conventional medication. This s possible because the practice increases the blood flow inside the whole body, reducing inflammation and swelling, which are the main causes for pain. After a couple of sessions, most patients have experienced a drop in their systolic pressure and an increase in terms of serotonin production (the hormone responsible for positive feelings). In addition to this, deep tissue massage North Sydney eliminates muscle tension and stiffness, which often appear as side effects of chronic pain. Another benefit is represented by the fact that this procedure can break up scar tissue that appears after almost any serious injury. After long periods of treatment, the lymphatic circulation and drainage improves the skin’s flexibility, and this makes the scars gradually go away. For this reason, patient who have recently suffered a surgical intervention are advised to attend some deep tissue massage sessions. It rehabilitates all the layers of the injured muscles, since it helps you eliminate all the toxins, relax muscles, thus promoting healing.

Besides all these physical benefits, deep tissue massage also has a psychological effect. This means that if you have suffered an injury and you want to start regaining flexibility and forget about the stress of the recovery process, this therapy is the best choice. It is well known that stress is a common disease nowadays, and this type of massage is also recommended for those who experience tension headaches, tight muscles or rigid shoulder. These are some variations of chronic stress, which can be easily relieved by deep tissue massage and other alternative treatments. As you can see, these have a lot of benefits and deliver the same results as traditional medication. However, before using massage as a medical treatment, you need to talk to a specialist and follow their recommendations. Furthermore, you have to make sure the therapists performing it are well trained and certified for the job.

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