Facing the demand for better storage

Many businesses are forced to deal with space limitations due to unexpected growth or storage demands. Although there is an increasing need for bigger storage areas, companies have other options to consider than relocation or additional constructions. Every warehouse manager is well aware that the only solution to maintaining a good workflow and high productivity levels is to invest in quality storage systems. Product storage and materials handling are two industries that have known great development and advancement over the recent years, due to businesses’ needs to move goods faster and more efficiently, so storage systems can take many, many forms. However, the basic industrial shelving units can still take you a long way in terms of effective warehouse or stockroom operations. The strength and durability of longspan shelving UK systems and other structures is now doubled by custom designs, which are tailored to suit specific environments, but also specific products.


Better storage today basically refers to industrial shelving and racking that can be adapted not only to particular layouts, thus saving significant floor space, but also to particular types of products and specific warehouse operations, as different businesses have different operational procedures in place and their loading and picking processes can also be approached differently. Finding a storage system that can accommodate all these factors can be tricky, but it’s definitely not impossible and should certainly be a priority of any warehouse manager. Obviously, an in-depth research of suppliers and available products is the first step, but beyond exploring off the shelf products, businesses need to seek designed solutions. In addition to space optimisation, these solutions can provide you with a more effective way to organise stock, which will eventually lead to minimised picking errors. Better storage is also the storage that will allow you to access stock easily, conveniently and quickly. Manual loading and automated product handling require very different types of storage, so if forklifts are a big part of your warehouse operations, then your choice of storage systems should reflect that.


For hand loaded stock, longspan shelving UK systems are preferable, as they can span ground pallets, allowing for picking levels above the bulk storage. This solution is also quite cost-effective, which is why it’s very popular among many types of warehouses and stockrooms. Whatever type of storage you choose, safety is always a priority, so be sure to follow loading limits and use recommendations. Installation also carries a great weight in terms of safety, so certified installers might just be worth taking into consideration. All things considered, when you’re running out of storage space and you are confronted with the demand for better, more effective systems, make sure you take into account not just the aspect of saving floor space, but also that of enabling more efficient warehouse operations, as this is what better storage should provide.

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