Maximising floor space with the use of heavy duty shelves

Storage space represents an important issue, not only for people who seem to never have enough space in their garage for all their belongings, but also for businesses, whose expansion also means bigger storage needs. Warehouse managers are constantly faced with the problem of limited floor space, while stock grows and rapid order fulfilment becomes a must. Therefore, it’s not just a question of storing large quantities of goods, but also investing in storage systems that allow fast warehouse operations. More often than not, these systems are nothing more than heavy duty shelves, configured in the right way. Obviously, there are many types of warehouse shelving systems and pallet racking systems that are suitable for warehouses and stockrooms, so the key is identifying the right type for your specific needs, which typically begins with identifying the right shelving UK supplier for you.


As the ultimate goal is maximising floor space, whatever type of heavy duty shelves or storage units you decide to invest in, you first have to survey your available space and the existing storage systems in place. Is it possible to add to them or an entire re-fitting is necessary? Can you make use of the overhead space or a new configuration and layout should be designed? These are questions to be answered before investing in any type of shelving or racking. Fortunately for warehouse managers, there are shelving UK suppliers that take this weight off their shoulders, by providing free site survey and CAD drawings, which helps visualise the end result of your warehouse fitting. Detailed drawings are definitely a huge help in apprehending the design of shelving and racking cross-referenced with the layout of your warehouse and, more importantly, with the available floor space in it.


As mentioned above, maximising floor space is not the only goal to have in mind when investing in heavy duty shelves and storage systems of any kind. Although space limitations are obviously of great importance, so is speed of operations. Product handling these days is all about quickly getting goods in, keeping them on shelves as little time as possible and then shipping them onto customers equally fast. Therefore, your warehouse storage systems need to support this speed of both inbound and outbound operations. Basically, this means that your shelving and racking must be so designed and configured as to provide easy and quick access to goods, great visibility and reduce picking errors. Needless to say that other considerations are essential as well, such as load limitations, the use of automating product handling equipment and so on. The bottom line is that floor space can definitely be maximised with the use of heavy duty shelves that can take on large volumes of stocks, but it’s important to keep in mind all the other factors mentioned above when actually investing in shelving or racking.

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