Designing a nursery from A to Z

When a baby is on the way the future parents have only nine months to prepare for welcoming the new member of their family. One of the most important things to be made before the little one still has some months before coming, is planning the nursery and taking care to be decorated in time. This process can be an overwhelming one, and at the first sight it may look that it will cost a fortune. But the parents to be have to start from not being nervous and try to combine a creative thinking with the inner desire of designing the best room ever for their baby. Most of the parents start in designing the furniture for the nursery with buying kids table and chairs, but the first element to be picked for this special room should be the crib. If the sex of the baby is not already known the best option is a white crib, which can be later personalized with coloured bed clothes. Also, a white bed is really easy to be integrated in the room whatever the colour of the walls may be. Speaking of the walls, a smart way to add a personal touch to it is to pick a piece or art or family pictures and hang them on the walls. Do not forget to keep some space for pictures with the little one. Instead of pictures, wall stickers can be used, so the baby can begin to recognize different shapes of animals.

Accept family and friends help. Sure there is a mother whose baby is all grown up now, and she is looking for a future mother to give all the things that she had bought. In this way you may get that designer kids bedroom furniture that you were planning to buy, because you succeeded to save money from not buying other articles. Think like a modern parent and mix and match different items for the crib and chairs, and paint the walls in different colours. The lighting must be flexible because you may want to vary the intensity of light depending on what the little one does. When buying furniture for the room you should have in mind that it won’t be only a nursery but he or she will stay there for at least three or four years. So try to avoid redecorating it in the following six months or a year after the birth.

You can use a handmade article to be hanged from the ceiling, like some floating flowers, if you are having a little girl, or some flying airplanes, for a boy. If the parents choose to go on a safe way and buy already made decorations for the nursery, a good option can be the heart shape shelves, which are sold in different colours and can be bought from online stores. A colourful rug can be put on the floor, so when the little one makes his first steps to fall on something smooth. You can add animal printed cushions on the chairs or even in the baby’s bed. Use your imagination in designing your baby’s room, and keep in mind that kids grow rapidly so, the little crib will soon be replaced with a kids bed.

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