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Nowadays goods that are transported from a place to another are called cargo. This term is generally used for goods and produces that are transported for commercial gain, and almost any types of freight conveys them. With this type of services, factories can deliver their goods around the world, and obtain great savings if they choose to ship with the help of a freight broker. This savings can also be obtained if the client facilitates its goods to the carrier’s terminals and shippers do not have to charge them any accessorial fee. Shipping experts provide their services through cargo alliances and in this way, they can offer their clients a wide range of services in a single place. For example, the products from a supermarket are delivered by such an alliance, and they can change several types of transportation in their way.

There are many types of transportation that can be used by cargo alliances. The marine type has seaports as terminal points. With this type, many things can be moved from place to place, as bulk cargo, automobiles, salt, tallow, oil or scrap metal. The air transportation is used for collecting goods from firms and shippers and delivering to customers. Other type of transportation that can be used is train. Trains can transport a large number of containers from many places as ports. The materials that can be handled with them are varying from wood, cement, coal or steel. Train are highly used because they have a direct route to their destination and can carry a large amount of goods. A cargo alliance also provides road transportation which can deliver both big cargo containers but also little things such letters. They are used because they offer fast delivery, sometimes the product reaching to its customers in the same day.

Before being transported, items are categorized by according to several factors. The considered factors are the quantity and size of the shipment, in how much time the item has to be delivered, and what type of item is. The main types of shipments according to the listed factors are parcel, household goods, freight shipments or express. Furniture, art and other similar items are considered household goods. Little items as envelopes are considered express letter shipments or overnight express. The items that fit this category have only a few pounds and frequently they travel a big part of the distance by air. Larger items are considered to be ground shipments or parcels, and they rarely have over 50 kg an no more than 70 kg. They have to be packed and usually train transports them. The items that do not fit neither one of the previous categories are seen as freight shipments. Cargo alliances provide the complete solution of domestic or international transportation. They can be used by both companies and private persons and almost any type of good can be shipped.

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