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Infrared heaters are also called heat lamps and are bodies with high temperature that transfer energy to a body with a lower one, trough electromagnetic radiation. Between the two bodies is not needed any type of contact or medium to transfer the energy, because they can be operated in atmosphere or vacuum. An infrared heater is commonly made from tungsten wire, but some alternatives can be used as iron, carbon, aluminium, or chromium. The efficiency of such a heater depends on the absorption spectrum of the material that has to be heated and on the emitted wavelength. One classification of infrared heaters is made according to their wavelength bands. They can be short wave is their range is from 780 nm to 1400 nm, medium if their range is between 1400nm and 3000nm and far if they emit at a bigger distance than 3000nm. Other classification distinguishes between patio heaters, low intensity tube heaters, high intensity ceramic heaters and construction heaters.

Patio heaters are outdoor heaters that allow people enjoy staying outside during winter. Getting the right outdoor heater is an important step in creating a comfortable space for spending time outside during the cold season. The choice of a patio heater deserves a great deal of attention, and the multitude of options on the market may overwhelm people. They can build their outdoor room without having to worry that they cannot find the right heater. There are many types of outdoor heaters as industrial heaters, all-weather haters, zero-light heaters, hanging heaters, gas heaters or freestanding heaters. They can be used in different conditions, as to fit the majority of outdoor places.

If buyers want a waterproof heater that will resist during any type of weather conditions, they should choose the all-weather type. It is very practical for outdoor location and people do not have to worry for bad weather. If they need it for industrial purposes, they have to know that there are special devices, which have power as number one priority. These ones are designed for commercial and industrial purposes and they come in many options, from the ones suitable for being used around pets to the standard max-power ones. If buyers are looking for buying a heater for a place highly lightened, they may find useful to purchase one that has zero light features. It will provide heat without glowing. If they want a heater that will not clutter their space, they can buy a hanging one, without having to worry about quality. They provide a beautiful glow and heat, and come in different designs. This is an aesthetic decoration for every patio. If they are looking for an outdoor heating device that is versatile and easy to use and configure, they should buy a gas one. It has as bonus the greater visual side. If buyers are planning to move their heater from place to place, then they should buy a freestanding one. It has as main advantage the fact that is mobile and it is designed in many sizes and shapes. It is perfect for gardens because they can be found on the market in several waterproof variations and people do not have to worry if they leave them outside during winter. Buyers can select from a wide range of heaters when they want to have a warm patio.

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