The importance of Sikh marriage

When the moment in your life has come to bound yourself to another soul, you should remember to respect every single tradition regarding your Sikh wedding ceremony. A marriage should not be seen as a legal relationship between two people, and also not a physical one. A wedding is the step you take towards a holy union between two souls, who are ready to begin a life journey together. The spirituality revolving this event will make the entire experience one that will be remembered a lifetime. Even though, the marriage is performed between two people, at the end you will both share the same soul. The pledge you will take will link you for life and bring peace and love into your hearts. Acknowledging the importance of marriage is crucial for the well being of your spirit. You will be shrouded by a mind and soul bond that will enable you to a lifetime of happiness and peace.

As the translation of Anand Karaj says, a Sikh wedding is a blissful union between two individuals, willing to begin the journey of eternal love. The ceremony performed by a special officiator will be filled with moments of spiritual depth and will move every single guest attending the event. While the hymns from Guru Granth Sahib Ji are being recited, the couple will receive the blessing they need for their smooth path in life. Even though the destination Sikh Wedding ceremony may be the one of your choosing, the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is crucial for the performing of the ceremony. Your spirituality and traditions are the most important things in life, so you should make sure that your wedding will respect the religion in every needed way. Choosing a wise person to officiate the ceremony is the most important part of your wedding planning.

The music that will be sung during the Sikh wedding ceremony will enable everyone attending to experience solemn moments and connect with their inner soul. A magical voice will bring the event the solemn vibe a Sikh wedding requires. Both you and your guests will be in an ethereal state of mind during the Scripture reciting. Experiencing solemn moments will be inevitable during the interpretation of the songs Lavaan and Ardaas. Living unique and extraordinary moments is the purpose of a Sikh wedding ceremony and you will be able to unite yourself with your loved on in an unbreakable bond. Through the Sikh ceremony, you are taking an eternal commitment of respect, love and kindness toward your soul mate. You will no longer be two different individuals, but one soul in two bodies. The marriage hymns will be the ones to describe your path in your marital life and the priest will be the one to connect the two of you together. The link you are willing to make will be a consecrated one, and nothing from this world will be able to break it. Therefore, make sure that the entire ceremony is being officiated by a priest that can make every moment a sacred and solemn one.

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