The structure and advantages of medical case reports

Used by students in medical school and experienced doctors alike, case reports are one of the most revelatory and informative sources of information in this field and they help professional gain a better understanding of various illnesses, symptoms, treatments and drug interactions. The term can be defined as a specialized medical report that offers thorough details regarding a specific medical case, from the signs and symptoms experienced by the patient to how the doctor diagnosed said patient, what treatment was chosen and how the patient reacted to it. It is not uncommon for case reports to provide the patient’s full medical profile, including their history; however, the main purpose of these works is to present a rare or uncommon medical case. There are many notable works in the medical field and doctors can find them online or in printed journals. They are usually sorted into categories, so, for example, if you’re looking for a military medicine case report, you can find it very easily.

Case reports can tackle different topics, but they normally focus on situations that are out of the ordinary. For example, they may describe unusual symptoms linked to a particular disease or an uncommon adverse effect of conventional treatments. Many outstanding works have shed light on some treatments by describing innovative approaches. One of the biggest contributions they bring to medicine is that they help understand new or existing conditions, as well as the interactions between drugs. For example, a doctor can analyze an endocrinology and metabolism case report to understand the connections between the two. Case reports are an example of evidence-based medicine and are often provided by professors to their students as part of their education in medical school. In fact, these works can make the learning process easier, because they are based on practice and have an intuitive, easy to follow structure. Some reports are so iconic that they can be read by non-professionals. Notable examples include Sigmund Freud’s case reports and the papers describing medical breakthrough such as the first heart transplant.

Another interesting fact about case reports is the way in which they are published. Although it is not uncommon for printed journals to publish them, they are more likely to be found online, on the digital version of the journal or on specialized databases. Many of these databases are open access, but publishing guidelines are stricter for authors, because they have to meet certain criteria and have to wait for a few days before their case report is reviewed. Unlike other websites and educational databases found online, medical journals are peer reviewed and only allow quality content. All in all, case reports bring a major contribution in the field of medical research, helping doctors and researchers understand new treatments, symptoms and drug interactions. Nowadays, when information can be found both in printed and digital format, browsing for such works has become simpler, because there are many reliable publishing companies that publish reports online and both students and doctors can access them.

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