Finalizing a clinical research study is only the first step

To begin with, clinical trials are carried out in order to verify if a treatment is effective and to see if there are possible side effects that derive from it. In order to do this, the trial requires the participation of subjects that are used as Guinee pigs. While some ideas may look good in theory, until the particular treatment is tested there is no way of knowing for sure what the body’s reaction to the drug will be. If the treatment happens to work, then the physician that has been involved in the study has realized a breakthrough in medicine. But the work of the researcher does not in any way end here. In order to share his findings with the world the researcher has to publish his clinical trial to make it known to the world of medicine and ultimately to his peers.

In addition to this, the publication of a palliative medicine case report in a recognized medical journal adds more weight to the respective findings and the prestige of the physician that has coordinated the trial increases. Secondly, scholarly publication depends largely on the peer review, which in its turn signifies submitting it to people who also work in the field of medicine. The process of publishing a study has become more and more tedious due to the fact that editors are very careful about what they choose to publish. This can be explained by the fact that with the introduction of technology and consequently of new sources of information, the editors of medical journals receive submitted manuscripts on a daily basis. Consequently, they are required to make a selection from the submitted work. So as to increase the visibility of the surgical oncology case report, researchers have to attentively select the journals which really make a strong impression among the public. In addition to this, there are reputed medical journals that deal with specific areas of medicine such as cardiothoracic. The researcher has various options to choose from in order to get his work published. The importance of choosing the right place where to publish the clinical trial is given by the fact that some medical journals may offer surprises in the sense that the manuscript can always be rejected, thus causing the researcher to lose valuable time.

Last but not least, when considering running a clinical trial it is important to choose a topic that is of interest and that the methods that are used during the experiment phase are indicated and explained in detail in the manuscript. In addition to this, the physician must have solid knowledge of the research that has been previously been carried out in the field in order to come up with significant findings. To make sure that the manuscript will be accepted, it is always a good idea to see what the specific demands of the medical journal are where the paper is submitted. The instructions can be easily found and the key to getting published is to have well organized ideas so as to make the content of the study as clear as possible. In the end, no matter how good the study is, it is important to try to publish it in more than one place and remember than one rejection does not mean you do not have to persevere because people have different perception on the same matter.

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