How to maintain your watches and jewels in good shape

Watches and jewels are among the most expensive accessories a woman may own, so you have to know that if you do not maintain them properly they will break, or lose their qualities. They might be crafted to last a lifetime, but they may get broken or may look ugly after some years. If you wear them daily, then a proper care is required. Make your jewelry and watches shine forever with just a little effort.

Take care of your watch

If you are the lucky owner of a Rolex then you should know that you could maintain its value by following some simple steps. Rolex watches are made from different materials and because of this, there are produced different models in different geographic locations. The most intricate part of a Rolex watch is the “movement”, which is the most important component because it ensures the right day, date, time, and preserves the internal functions accurate. The manufacturer recommends revisione Rolex every three to four years to maintain its movement in the right shape. The main step in preserving the state of your watch is to take care of it. If you treat it well you will enjoy it your whole life. Do not forget to avoid sharp objects, because they may scratch it, store it in a watch winder and ensure that the watch clasp is secure. You should wind your watch occasionally because watch movements are powered by physical motion.

Take care of your jewels

If you wear jewels every day, you should preserve your treasure by following some simple steps. Remove them while doing your tasks because chemicals or cleaning fluids may provoke physical damage. The tasks that should be avoided while you wear them include cleaning the house, kitchen work or gardening. You should put your jewelries after applying hairspray, cosmetics or perfumes because they may contain chemicals that can damage your cuneo gioielleria. You should not ear them in chlorinated water because it can react with the metals found in jewels and cause structural damage or change in color. Remove them before playing sports because hard blows may harm them. Soap can cause a fill on them, so do not forget to remove them before bathing. If you have gold or silver items, you should polish them with a professional cloth. You can purchase commercial cleaners or use products that you already have in your house. Use rubbing alcohol for wonderful result but avoid bleach because it will definitely destroy them. If you have a jewelry item that is already damaged, avoid cleaning it because it is wisely to have it repaired before. If you choose to appeal to a professional cleaning firm, check all your items before getting them back to see if there is any problem. If you see any loose gemstone, you should have them repaired before wearing them. Follow these simple steps and be sure that your watches and jewelry will make you beautiful for the rest of your life.

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