Where can you find water leaks?

If lately your water bills are higher then usually, and you have not used an extra quantity of water, you may have a water leak. All it may have started as a small leak that rapidly grew and if the leak worsens, the costs of wasted water will be higher than ever. The main installations that can cause water waste are plumbing fixtures and pipes. The amount of water wasted every year by a typical house is between 7, 6 m3 to 76 m3. You can detect easily some leaks, because they are obvious, but there are leaks that remain undetected for years.

Search for the leak source
If you believe that there may be a serious leak somewhere in your house, you should look first at the water mater outside. You can check it yourself to identify any leaks. If your neighbor house is close to yours, in the water meter box may be two meters, yours is the one that is closest to your home. Other way of identifying your meter is to compare the meter number with the number from your bill. When you test the house meter you have to turn off all water supply inside and outside the house, and record the water meter. After 15 minutes, you should record again the numbers and if the meter recorded something while your water supply was closed, you may have found the leak. Sometimes the leak can be found between the house and the meter, in the water supply line. It is very hard to detect such a problem, because the lines are usually buried at least 3 feet in the ground. In this case water may go back to the meter case, and if there was no rain in the last weeks, the water inside may be from the leak. If the water from the leak does not return in the meter case, you may see it raised above the supply line or close to the point where the lines enter to the house. There is ricerca perdite acqua that can be easily repaired, for example the one from the faucet, tub or shower. Other source of leaks is the toilet, and often these ones are not noticed because they are out of view and silent. You can detect it if your toilet emits a hissing sound when the toilet is not in use.

How to solve a water leak
If you detected a water leak at your supply lines, the best way to fix it is to use risanamento condotte. If the leak is from your shower then you should seal the leaking frame with a small bead of caulk and force it to enter into any gaps between the shower and the frame. For a tube leak, you should apply silicone caulk and replace the gasket. If you find a leak at your toilet, you should install a plastic flange riser or a metal repair flange to fix it. If there are leaks from your sink, you should re-caulk it and tighten the clips under it. If the problem continues, and your bill is higher every month you should contact a pipes and tubing rehabilitation firm, because these companies use sophisticated technologies. They offer services like investigation, and quick results, so if you do not know what to do when you find a leak, just contact them.

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