Comparing Tanzania and Botswana safaris

A safari may prove to be the best experience of your life, because it offers a mix of adventure and wildlife in a spectacular and unique scenery. You can get away from the crowded city, and try the daily life from an African country. You will get in touch with wild nature and relax in a place far away from the stress of the modern world. You can explore untamed lands and recharging your batteries in the same time. An African safari is an affordable choice for your holiday, and the majority of them include accommodation, meals and amazing sightings. You can see most of the wild animals that are endangered and watch them roaming freely in the jungle. You can explore the heaven of birds and search nocturnal animals with 4X4 safari vehicles. Explore the most special part of the world while an adventurous holiday and enjoy the breath taking landscapes.

Why go in Tanzania?
If you want to visit a beautiful and vibrant country, you can choose to go in a safari in Tanzania. This country is a mix between tropical beaches and rough relief, so you can combine swimming with exploring while a holiday there. You can choose between going in a safari in the northern, southern or western area. In a safari in the northern area, you can visit the Ngorongoro Crater or the Rift Valley’s Lake Manyara. In the Ngorongoro Crater, you can admire the large population of lions, buffalos, black rhinos or elephants. They are not camera shy, so you will have amazing holiday memories to show your friends and family. If you choose the southern area, you will enjoy the view of Africa’s largest game reserve and many parks. If you want to see the prolific buffalo and lion, you have to choose a safari in the western part that includes one of Africa’s most remote safari parks, Katavi.

Why go in Botswana?

If you want to experience one of the top places for visitors, you should definitely choose a safari in Botswana. This country is the home of huge herds of game, which adapted their life to pristine conditions and you can admire them in action. It has both private and public parks, dry and wet areas and you can take either a guided mobile safari or a permanent lodge. A safari in Botswana is not very cheap but you will have included meals, park and laundry fees, drinks and other activities. You can visit the Gaborone Game Reserve to see giraffes, flamingoes and antelopes, or the Moremi Game Reserve to admire the leopards and lions lazing around the shade. Visit the sacred site of Tsodilo Hills, which has thousands of rocks painted. Do not forget to visit Tuli Block, which will spread in front of your eyes pot pourri rocks, dating from millions of years. Either if you choose to visit the vibrant Tanzania or the wild Botswana, be sure that you will have plenty of memories when returning home.

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