3 ways of decorating your living room with a leather sofa

When a person buys a new house the biggest step in transforming it is to decorate it in the most suitable way for the family that is to live there. Some people start with decorating the living room first, but others choose to leave it for last. This may be a wise decision if they want to combine in this room all the styles they used in their house. The best way to fit your living room furniture in the atmosphere of the house is to choose as a universal item as a leather sofa Adelaide. Depending on the other colours and the styles you used in decorating house, the sofa for the living room can come in different shades. If you opted for warm tones and a traditional look, then a brown leather couch in shades from light brown to chocolate is the best choice for you. Build your room around this item, choose the drapery panels in creamy vanilla or rich chocolate tones, and for a dramatic look change their colour with a red or burgundy ones. The rug patterns should mix blue, green and teal to complement the colour of the sofa, and for a sophisticated look buy a geometric patterned rug. For counteracting the visual weight of the leather sofa, add to your room reflective surfaces as crystal decanters or mercury glass bowls.

If the focal point of your room is a black leather sofa, then use high-contrast accessories to make it the centrepiece of your living room. Red cushions are the simplest choice for drawing attention to it. If you add a modern look to the room, accent the black sofa with abstract floral patterns and place a textured rug under the sofa. Use cool colour for the table lamps, and purchase only simple shapes with light wood or pale stone bases. For a more personal touch on this area frame your children’s drawings and hang them on the walls. These paintings can be combined with solid colour window treatments, and a large scale patterned rug. You can achieve an elegant look in the living room, by accessorizing your black leather Sofa Melbourne with beige pillows, and nude window treatments and rugs. Or choose accessories in the same colour, as purple, but use different shades of purple for different items.

For a warmer look buy a tan leather sofa, because its neutral fabric can fit a variety of styles. For a modern look add purple velvet or deep red pillows and arrange them either in line on the sofa or in its corners. For a sea-side house accessorize the tan sofa with satin and sky blue pillows. On this type of couch you can add a throw blanket made of cashmere or cotton, in a colour that works well with the other accessories, and obtain a traditional look. An interesting item can be an ottoman, in the same colour as the sofa, or which is covered with a complementary fabric and colour. For a minimalistic look add a zebra patterned rug and matching pillows.

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