10 tips for choosing the perfect leather furniture

Leather furniture is stylish and comfortable, not to mention that it adds value to your house and improves with age. However, purchasing a leather sofa is no necessarily easy, because lather is a material that comes in a variety of styles, colours and types, not to mention that each has its own strengths. For instance, you should avoid buying an unfinished leather sofa, if you plan to place it under the direct range of the sun or you own pets, because its colour will fade due to the UV razes and your pet will be able to scratch it. This is why it is important to check out every detail and make an informed decision. Following are some things you need to keep in mind when purchasing leather furniture:

1. Do not worry too much about having kids or pets around the house, because leather is more durable than fabric materials, so you have better chances of getting your fabric sofa destroyed by the little ones than your new leather couch.

2. The most expensive leather is aniline, which is dyed in a drum strictly with dye without any pigments or protective coats. This makes it soft to the touch and more aesthetically appealing. The colour of a sofa made from this type of leather left unfinished is deep and rich, but it is harder to maintain than a cheap leather sofa made from leather with a protective coating.

3. You can also opt for a semi-aniline leather, which is aniline leather with a thin layer of protective coating. The deep colour and softness is still there, but the sofa will be easier to protect against stain and fading.

4. Pigmented leather on the other hand is not dyed in a drum. The colour is applied only to the surface, so the result is not as vibrant and rich. However, the coating offers a greater protection against stains, scratches and fading. Pigmented leather sofas are also less soft to the touch and less expensive.

5. Cleaning leather upholstery is easier than cleaning fabric upholstery. You will not need to mind the colour of your leather sofa when doing maintenance. You can simply use a damp cloth to clean it and remove dust.

6. Choose leather upholstery with seat cushions that can be replaced, because the leather will outlive the cushions. With zipped seat cushions, you can refill your sofa easily and make it look like new in just a couple of minutes.

7. Upholstery made from this material is comfortable, because it will take on the temperature of your body in a matter of seconds. This means that you will be able to get warm easily during winter when lying on a leather couch.

8. You need to think carefully about your needs and preferences before buying a leather sofa, because each type of leather has its strengths. If you know that it will be placed in a high impact setting, you should choose one with a heavier finish capable of protecting it against scratches and fading.

9. Do not let yourself get influenced by the price. A leather furniture is a good investment, because it will be more durable than any upholstery made of fabric and will last at least three times longer.

10. Last, but not least, you should avoid combinations of leather with vinyl, because the life of your upholstery will depend on the durability of the vinyl, which is very poor.

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