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Even though people consider the media and web pages as valuable resources of knowledge, newspapers still one of the primary sources of information. Thanks to the developments in technology, newspapers are available in both in print and in digital format, so that only those who refuse to get informed about the world that they live in do not have access to them. Whether out of interest for national or local news, people continue to read newspapers and journalists try to maintain their attention as long as possible.

While it is clear that the written press has not died, many do not realize that the organizations that publish newspapers are businesses like all the others and they need to make some profit in order to survive. Running a business implies coping with certain expenses such as journalists’ salaries, printing and distribution costs, etc. It is needless to say that a newspaper depends on the subscription revenues and newsstand sales in order to stay in business. In other words, the business is required to provide fast services for the readership and to manage distribution channels.

At present, all this is possible with the help of something called distribution software. More precisely, the application is designed as a tool for managing activities such newspaper order processing and inventory, meaning all the work-flow associated with picking, packing and delivery of the press. Newspapers fall into two main categories: daily and weekly. With daily newspapers, it is difficult to keep track of the items that are collected and shipped to customers or to newsstands and to be aware of the current stock levels. Thanks to the application it is very simple to get information on the performance of the team of distributors and verifying if the order has been delivered on time.

Delays are a big concern, especially for small businesses such as newspapers that cannot afford to stain their image. If the monitoring process runs smoothly, then the organization can save some time for discovering ways to improve customer service or to analyze Key Performance Indicators. In the end, the application provides the user with much needed time, so that he can tend to more important aspects of the business. Distribution software also offers complete control over circulation networks. Pickup can be organized according to Zip, location, city area, etc. this is extremely useful for expanding to other geographical areas and reaching as many readers as possible. Maintaining channel distribution is essential since it takes time and effort to develop new ones.

Apart from fast transactions, a delivery software offers better control over the accounting as well. Lessening the costs is the goal of any business that wants to make profit. This means that you do not have to hire people to oversee the transactions that are performed and some applications can even let you calculate the drivers pay according to factors such as day, route and rate per paper. To conclude, keeping a newspaper business alive require solid business applications to help you with managing everything from order processing to chain distribution management.

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