Wedding gift registry: tradition vs. modern concept

Weddings are perhaps the most striking examples of tradition meeting the modern society. Some people choose to have entirely traditional weddings, while others go for the modern extreme, but most couples like to have both ideas tangled into what they perceive as the best suitable combination for their taste. A good example of this mixture is represented by the wedding registry, a custom that has been around for decades and still persists in the planning and organization of a wedding. Traditionally, the wedding gift registry existed to help the couple about to get married receive everything needed in anew household, but today the concept has been tweaked as to better accommodate the lifestyle of a soon to be married couple. This has also been significantly impacted by the fact that many people live together for several ears before actually getting married and most likely already have already bought the house in which they’re planning to live.

Due to the fact that couples have a life together before the wedding as well, the need for the traditional type of wedding registry, which typically included china, glass, linen and maybe even appliances, is somewhat diminished today. However, the idea of setting up a wedding gift registry is still a great idea and widely used, as it gives couples the chance to pick and choose what they wish to receive as wedding gifts. The great advantage now is their options are no longer limited to household appliances and they can go for anything from wall art and decorative items to contributions to their honeymoon and so on. Furthermore, the modern concept of the registry is also heavily supported by the online environment, most of them being set up online, which makes things even more convenient and easier for the couple to be. Whether they choose to register at a big, brand renowned store or at a boutique online shop, couples today have such great variety and flexibility when it comes to their wedding gifts, not to mention the fact that they can set up more registries at different stores if they so wish to.

However helpful and beneficial a wedding gift registry is for the bride and groom, its advantages can’t be denied from the perspective of the guests as well. Instead of losing days and most likely your mind, stressing over what would the perfect gift be for your friends getting married, you now have a list of all the things they like and wish for, just waiting for you to choose. Moreover, you can do this online, without having to go to the actual store, which is even better. Most of the stores even wrap it up and deliver it for you, so you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Wedding registries are usually updated by the store, so if somebody already bought the couple one item, it will be taken off the list, so you don’t risk getting the same thing as a dozen other people did.

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