Comparing Corsair Gaming K65 and Corsair Gaming K70 keyboards

For the ones that love games, Corsair provides a wide range of gaming keyboards crafted with high-quality materials and components. They offer the players great responsiveness and precision and during the game, and the keyboard can be customized. This manufacturer provides different types of keyboards for different types of gamers. For professional game players they designed the vengeance mechanical keyboards that have Cherry Mix mechanical key switches, which allow the players to have superfast responsiveness. Other type of keyboards offered by this manufacturer is the Raptor line, which offers the players comfort, flexibility and ergonomics. They also offer accessories for keyboards like wrist rest, palm rest, keycap puller or key caps for replacing the broken ones.

The Corsair Gaming K65 RGB is often used by travelling gamers and offers them accurate response thanks to the Cherry MX RGB key switches and the full key rollover. It is a mechanical gaming board with keys that are customized with unique backlight. The Cherry MX red key switches allows the user to execute double or even triple taps without hearing the click or the tactile bump. It has no ten-keys, which allows its user to easily store it in bags, and the mouse can be easily moved and placed on the mat. It has the 100% anti-ghosting function that translates every keystroke into gameplay without signal degradation. This ban phim co, as it is called in Vietnamese, allows the user to give his wrists a break or if the wrist rest incommodes the user, he can remove it. Because of the RGB animation, this keyboard has the ability of providing an amazing light show. If the player also listens to music while playing, he can pause, stop, play or skip the song and adjust the volume by directly using the dedicated multimedia controls. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista, and it has a Panasonic display controller and 32-bit ARM Processor.

The Corsair Gaming K70 RGB keyboard is a mechanical bàn phím cơ that evolved from the legendary K70, which has as a plus from the old one the per-key backlight and Cherry MX RGB key switch. It has the 100% anti-ghosting feature and 104 full key rollover. The Cherry MX lets the player knowing exactly when the key press is registered. It has detachable soft touch, which offers the possibility of removing the wrist rest if the player wants. It is one of the most advanced gaming keyboards because the player can trigger a macro by pressing any key. It also offers an amazing light show and if the player listens to music, he can adjust the volume directly from the keyboard. When this keyboard is delivered the package in which it comes contains a warranty card. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, and if the user wants to download the Corsair Utility Engine software, he has to connect to the internet. It has the same Panasonic display controller the K65 has and a 32-bit ARM Processor. Both these keyboards can be used all over the world and the choice between these two models is made according to the player preferences.

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