Cozumel: the perfect trip for you and your friends

First thing you have to know about Cozumel is its location, in the Caribbean Sea on the Eastern Coast of the Yucatá Peninsula, Mexico. It is well known for being the perfect area for tourism, because travelers can enjoy scuba diving, balnearios and snorkeling as activities on the island. If you love nature, Cozumel is the perfect destination for you exposing a great mangrove forest and many endemic animal species. Because its landscape is based on limestone, the topography of Cozumel is karst. In one of the Cozumel tours, you have to see the local fauna that is an amazing combination between coatis, raccoons, foxes, crocodiles and toadfish. Moreover, you can enjoy seeing this surprising combination of animals in a tropical savanna climate, which enjoys your senses. You can visit Cozumel either in the dry season, which is relatively short, from February to April or in the wet season. This choice is up to you, but no matter when you visit the island be prepared to feel the humidity.

If you want to see historic places, Cozumel is the perfect choice because it is told to have been founded by one of the oldest civilizations, the Maya, in the 1st millennium AD. The Maya raised the city on the island for the Maya Moon Goddess, Ix Chel, and the ruins of its temples stand as a proof of the Mayan presence. During the Cozumel excursions, you can discover the largest remaining ruins in the center of the island, at San Gervasion. Besides being a ceremonial center, Cozumel was founded by the Maya civilization as commercial port of trade, and today the locals still preserve this function, because the island is one of the most important destinations for cruises. This magical island it appeals all sorts of tourists, from the history fanatics to the cruise passengers and seekers for relaxation. They can enjoy the crystal clear water which enjoys the eye of the traveler with its calmness and white sand beaches. The island became one of the most famous snorkeling and diving destinations due to its clear blue waters. A diving lover can stay on the island several months and still cannot see all the reefs and dives sites.

When you choose to spend your holiday with your friends on this island from the Caribbean Sea, do not forget to visit San Miguel, the only town on the island, where mariachi bands play on Sunday nights. Go and visit the Chankaab to explore the beautiful botanical garden, the saltwater lagoon wildlife sanctuary and the archaeological park. You can dive in underwater caves or in a protected bay with sunken cannons. You can see some breath taking views from the Punta Sur’s Celerian lighthouse, on the south of the sea, or from the Punta Molas on the north. If you do not want to vist both of them you can pick the landscape that better suits your style; for a jungle view, go and visit the Punta Sur, which is surrounded by sand dunes, or for shorelines views and great sunbathing go and visit Punta Molas.

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