What is a destination management company?

A destination management company or DMC specializes in planning, designing and implementing events, tours, activities, excursions and schedule logistics. Professional destination management services imply using extensive local knowledge, resources and expertise to help clients adapt and uncover the secrets of a certain destination. People travel for a variety of reasons, but at the core of every trip is the destination. A destination management Barcelona company will advocate for holistic tourism and ensure a vibrant experience for its clients by putting in place strategies and programs. Destination management companies are invaluable for supporting tourism and redefining a destination. What is more, these companies are also aces in event management. You will need an event management Barcelona company to take care of a conference, meeting or party to the last detail, because using your own team of specialists to organize an event in another city is not advantageous. If you hire a destination management team to take care of everything from transportation to venue hiring and accommodation, you will have one less thing to worry about.

Destination management services are mainly used when organizing a group trip. Whether we talk about business trips, school trips or corporate events, these service providers should be able to meet every expectation and create tours, excursions and events suitable for everyone. The difference between this type of service and a regular travelling agency is the fact that it is based on local knowledge of the given destination. While a travelling agency from Austria will offer tours and excursions in Barcelona without being physically located there, a destination management company will only take care of local excursions and tours. This means that they will cover everything from transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurants, conference venues, themed events, meetings, logistics, gala dinners and activities only in Barcelona. Unlike a travelling agency from a foreign country that has no connections and possibilities to hire a venue and take care of logistics at the smallest price possible, a destination management company will be able to take care of every detail without the smallest of errors, because they will be at the destination working to make everything you need possible. Travelling agencies use middle men or book everything online unlike destination management companies that have an extensive local knowledge and can choose the best options for their clients.

All in all, destination management refers to professional services that help groups accommodate faster and easier after reaching their destination. Everything from the transportation to overcoming language barriers is taken care of by a team of specialists, so irrespective of requirements, a destination management company should be able to do it better than a normal travelling agency. What is more, formal events, school trips and even galas can be organized in another country and city without any problems with the help of a professional team. This type of service focuses on helping clients uncover the beauty of a destination from the point of view of a local.

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