Improving photos with HDR Lightroom presets: reasons to use

Editing photos, although aiming for a clear purpose, could very well be a complicated and time consuming task. More often than one might think, photographers lose some much of their time, trying to obtain that amazing effect, using all sorts of editing tools. Lately, photographers have started investing in presets. Wedding, fashion, HDR Lightroom Presets all come to make the life of a photographer simpler and easier, allowing him or her to shorten editing time and focus on other areas. Specialists are not using these presets just because it saves them time. Their reasoning is much more complex and complicated. Evidently, time is a defining factor. Less time lost doing all sorts of editing and photo improvements means more time focusing on interesting sessions or learning new techniques.

Quality is yet another aspect for which photographers in such a great number, choose these presets. It is true that Photoshop is a highly popular editing tool and it brings the user actual improvements. It is of a highly quality, but to be completely honest so are the Lightroom portrait presets, for instance. Experts know that when choosing the presets, they will gain beautiful lighting, coming in a specific warm shade or a cold one, depending of course on the desired effect. In all accounts, what is important to mention is that contrary to what people might think about pre-established editing effects, these settings are of a high quality and so are the effects granted by the Lightroom presets. Variety in choices would be another reason that makes photographers in such a great number actually consider the use of pre-established settings. Packages are structured according to use. This is why you will find wedding or fashion packages. Depending on the session completed the photographer can order a package that is designed to improve certain photos. Therefore, all the settings that have been pre-established will provide the user with impressive effects that are usually used in specific sessions. Furthermore, when in charge of a complete session, the photographer needs to pay attention to be consistent in his or her edits. When doing the editing using a tool, you might not always get the same effect. With pre-established packages, your editing effects will be the same throughout the entire session. This way, when you will deliver the album to your clients, you will be consistent from the first to the last page.

One of the aspects that people, in general fear most about presets is the fact that all edits are set in stone and there is no way of changing them. Well, this is the mistake most people make when thinking of Lightroom. Although these are pre-established, they can still be modified according to personal needs. The bottom line is simple. Using tools to quickly complete photo editing is not an idea that should be avoided by photographers, not when the presets utilized are of a high quality. This is the direction in which the world is heading. Make the best of it and use top presets. This way, you will simplify your work, improve it and enjoy the appreciation of your clients.

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