The perks of using Lightroom presets

Professional photographers have their own favorite programs for photo editing, but the most popular ones are definitely Lightroom and Photoshop. Adobe has done a great job in creating two powerful tools that can be used to create digital art, stunning photos and graphic design projects. While Photoshop, despite its name, is not exactly created for the sole sake of photographers, Lightroom is a program dedicated to them. Most people seem to think that professional photographers need to invest a lot of effort into taking the pictures and that is all there is to it; they simply upload and send them over afterwards. The truth is, the greatest effort comes after taking the pictures, because going through thousands of photos and selecting the best ones is a tiring thing, not to mention that photo editing is not exactly a walk in the park. It takes time and a lot of concentration to be able to edit a great number of photos within a limited timeframe, because every customer is eager to receive their photos as fast as possible. This is why photographers use Lightroom plugins and presets to make their life easier. Photographers can use free Lightroom presets, buy them from specialized websites or even make their own. Following is a list of benefits to using Lightroom presets:

Increased processing speed
It takes only an instant to use a Lightroom preset and apply edits to your photos, which is a real life and time saver, considering the fact that usually it would take from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours per edit, depending on the extend of the edits and the quality of the raw picture. Using the presets is simple, you only need to select the preset you think will work with the current photo and click on it. This will definitely speed up your work and you will be able to send the photos back to your customers in due time.

Ease of use
Like mentioned above, you do not require knowing complicated commands in Lightroom to edit a photo with these presets, because you only need to select the ones you prefer and the effect will be instant. You can hit the reset button and try one preset after another until you are satisfied, hit the save button and you are all done. You will find the list of presets you have installed on the left side of the screen. Make sure to switch on the develop module for the list to appear.

Pursue a consistent look
Another important benefit to using Lightroom presets is the fact that it will help you provide a consistent look to the whole album of picture. It is important to have a consistent look and unfortunately enough, after hours of working at an album picture by picture, keeping the same style is difficult and boring. Presets solve this problem, because they come in packs, so you can use presets from the same bundle to ensure your entire album will have the necessary consistency.

If you wish to learn more about free Lightroom presets and Lightroom plugins, please visit these links!

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