The importance of counseling during a girl’s teenage years

Many people look back at their teenage years with joy and nostalgia, but this life period can be very challenging and stressful for some. Counselors warn that teenagers are extremely vulnerable during this time and that their families should ensure a sound emotional upbringing to help them become stable, happy and functional adults. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and there are cases when teens, girls in particular, can get help from outside the family, from a therapist. Today, we can even talk about the benefits of e-therapy, or online therapy, which has the same benefits as the traditional one, but it unfolds on the Internet. Raising a teenage girl can be difficult, which is exactly why e-counseling is a solution that should be pursued.

Even when parents have the best intentions at heart, communication with a teenage daughter can be blocked because she might feel afraid or embarrassed to discuss certain topics. An alarming number of parents find out that their daughter was battling issues such as depression, bullying, anxiety or low self-esteem too late, because she was able to hide them too well. This is why teenage girls should be aware of the existence of websites where they can seek help from professional therapists. Sometimes, teens tend to drift away from families or distrust peers and are more likely to entrust their secrets to a neutral person who will not scold, laugh or judge. Interestingly, many people tend to diminish the dangers of teenage struggles once they enter the world of adults, but these are no laughing matter. Experiencing stress, depression, social anxiety or bullying during one’s teenage years can take a toll on a girl’s mental wellbeing, preventing her from forming relationships with other people or pursuing her dreams in life. The causes for the above mentioned problems are incredibly complex. Sometimes, girls are exposed to domestic violence or verbal abuse from their parents. Other times, they are affected by their peers or school environment. What makes things more difficult is that a girl can also be hurt indirectly by the media or by the self-doubt she experiences as a result of social pressure.

Sometimes, counseling is not about fixing an issue or helping a girl recover after an emotional breakdown. For example, if your daughter has conflicting thoughts on what she wants to do after she finishes high school, e-counseling can help her definite her passions and choose the right career path. A few therapy sessions, even online, can prevent huge issues, so there is no reason why teen girls should not be encouraged to seek help from professionals when in need. E-therapy is an excellent course of action when she does not want to meet the counsellor personally and is more comfortable chatting with him/her online. If she prefers expressing herself in writing rather than by video sessions, she can make diary entries between sessions and these will be brought up by the counselor later. In the end, the approach may vary, but what is important is that your daughter gets the help and guidance she needs.

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