A different way of doing therapy

Gone are the days when people used to go to the therapist’s office in order to get counseling. More and more therapists have decided to bring their business online for two reasons: to reduce expenses and to make their services more accessible to the ordinary person. However, therapy has been practiced on the web for several years now. Apart from the many providers of e-therapy and online psychotherapy, you have social media platforms. Even if they are not your typical counselor, social networks are the place where more and more people communicate and pour out their hearts. The only disadvantage is that most times their complaints are not heard. For those seeking professional advice and guidance, it is more advantageous to go to an online therapist. The main benefits are related to choice of counselors but not only. The benefits derive from the differences between face to face counseling and web based counseling.

Remote counseling includes therapy carried out through the intermediary of emails or chat rooms. This means that you are not required to drop by the therapist’s in order to get counseling. What is more, some online platforms even give clients, women in particular, the possibility to write in online diaries, which is very useful for organizing their thoughts and feelings before expressing them. Thus, in the next session they will know on what aspects they should focus on more. Since the counseling is remote, anyone can have access to it. In other words, those who live in rural areas or distant corners of the globe are not restraint anymore by geographical proximity. It does not really matter if you live on a deserted island or in the heart of a metropolitan city. Instead of wondering who might be available for them, they have the chance to actually choose the type of service that they desire. Convenience is also ensured by the fact that everything takes place in the comfort of your home. In the waiting room or in the office, people generally feel anxious or stressed. When you are sure that the counselor cannot see you, you are free to relax and drink a cup of coffee.

Another visible difference is people’s willingness to communicate. When not talking face to face, people often get the courage to express what is really bothering them. This would not normally happen if they would be required to talk to someone in person. Equally important is that people are often concerned they will be judged according to their skin or race. Additionally, no one has to know that you are undergoing career coaching. Many people refuse to get help simply because they are afraid of the social stigma. Respect of privacy ultimately leads to trust as well, which an essential part of any relationship. To conclude, a lot has changed in terms of counseling thanks to the Internet. Not only has the therapist-patient relationship changed but also people are more willing to open and confide.

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