Can online counseling provide you the support you need?

The most popular model for support nowadays is online counseling. This means that people are through with traditional visits to the therapist’s office thanks to the Internet that has opened its gates for mental health treatment. Web counseling implies performing counseling services through emails, chat rooms and web cameras. Young people are presently struggling with issues such as low self-esteem, relationship problems, family conflicts, career choices and the list does not end here. Therefore, they need support in order to get through the difficult moments in their lives. While there is no doubt that more and more people are dealing with mental health issues, there continues to be some reluctance about e-counseling. More precisely, many people doubt that therapy performed in an online environment is as efficient as traditional face to face counseling. Regardless of the many objections, it has been proved that online therapy is indeed efficient.

E-counseling is first of all accessible. Owing to the fact that Internet access is made available to everyone, so is therapy. The convenience lies in the fact that you have access to the counseling services whenever you want, which means that you do not necessarily have drop by the therapist’s office. Generally, people who live in rural or remote areas are prevented from seeking professional health because there are no cabinets in their proximity. Additionally, online therapy is extremely practical for the physically disabled or those who are incapable of leaving their homes. The fact is that no one even considers that those with hearing or seeing problems need counsel as well. E-counseling takes the stress off having to make appointments, meaning that you can talk to an online therapist whenever you feel like it and without interrupting you busy schedule. When you are angry or simply stressed, you usually confess to a friend. Instead of doing this, you can open the computer and talk over your problems with a professional that has all the answers. In counseling, the problem has to be identified in time to be solved it and this is why you should not to wait until the next session.

Equally important is the fact that online therapy helps you conceal your identity. Women in particular avoid seeing a therapist out of fear that someone might find out. The popular belief is that only those who are insane need treatment, so that anyone who is seen going to therapy is immediately labeled. By eliminating social stigma, people will get the courage to seek professional advice and they will not live in the permanent fear that a close friend or a neighbor knows their secret. Maintaining anonymity is also beneficial for the session as well. The absence of face to face contact actually encourages many to communicate more openly since it is easier to confess to a total stranger than to someone who is likely to judge you. No matter the type of correspondence, you will also be able to reflect upon your thoughts and feelings before expressing them. To sum up, online counseling is more advantageous than traditional therapy because it is accessible and it respects the privacy of the patient, which makes the sessions more fruitful.

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