Choosing to be a nurse

Nurses have many responsibilities depending on the medical unit where they work. They have to provide and monitor the patient’s state and update the patient’s families on their condition and progress. A nurse also has to provide treatments and medications. The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding and young people are stimulated to become registered nurses. There are a lot of nursing jobs on the market and for a graduate it can be real easy to access one of these. Usually, these jobs are in hospitals but nurses work also in nursing homes, private clinics, schools, prisons, placement agencies, or military bases. A nurse that has a bachelor’s degree may supervise other nurses or can work as a teacher in specialized schools. A good nurse has critical thinking skills, interest in science, is well organized, patient and compassionate and is able to function in high stress conditions. A nurse has to work with a set of tools to do her job efficiently, these tools include thermometers, stethoscopes, endoscopes, catheters and other equipment. There are different types of nurses: informatics nurses, nurse midwife, or nurse anaesthetist. An informatics nurse has to use high-tech computers and a variety of programs. They help at designing new technology and make the existing one more efficient, for helping the other nurses to use safe and reliable technology. Midwives are specialized in birth-related services but they can provide and other obstetrical and gynaecological services. The nurse anaesthetist assists surgeons in various ways, but their main role is to administer anaesthesia and monitor the patient in the post anaesthesia period.

Some of the nurses choose to practice in a domain related to the nursing one, and sometimes their goal is to improve the quality of life and ensure social welfare for those who are affected by social disadvantages. This means that they decided to apply for social work jobs and direct their knowledge in helping others to help themselves. The role of a social worker is to act as guides and advocates and to use their judgment to decide what is good for the one that is in his or hers care. If a nurse wants to take this path then he or she has to undergo and approved training at the university. They asses persons with addictions, mental health problems, or homeless persons.

Many young people go for a nursing job because they can opt either for a full time job or for a part time one. They have a lot of options where to be employed, in a hospital, private clinic, or if they are experienced nurses they can chose a non-traditional job. They have a huge contribution to the lives of their patients as a daily routine. In this profession lifelong learning is a must, because the science is always advancing and they have to learn something new everyday and to be open-minded. Being a registered nurse gives the person the possibility to move from one place to the other, without being concerned by the job. They can also have the possibility of becoming traveling nurses and spend time visiting different regions of a state or different states.

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