The fundamental ingredients of traditional Greek food

One great way of familiarizing yourself with a culture is by means of food. You would be surprised of how much traditional food can tell the tourist about the culture of a country. This is a valid perspective for traditional Greek food, which holds many secrets regarding this country. What is even more thrilling about this type of food is that it has become highly popular, probably just as known as Greece. There are certain ingredients from which traditional dishes are made and the secret to culture lies in them. So, without further ado, here are the fundamental ingredients that rest at the making of Greek foods. Cheese and olive oil are the best known Greek ingredients on the face of the world. Indeed, when you say Greece, you practically say olive oil. Everyone knows that this country grows olives. The Kalamata olives are probably the most appreciated ones. Coming back to olive oil, know that most dishes are made with such oil, making it one of the fundamental ingredients. Next on the list is Feta cheese, which is actually a national culinary symbol. This actually means that Greece and a few other regions have the right to produce it. There are quite a lot of dishes, sweet and salted ones that make use of Feta cheese.

Just as popular as cheese is traditional yogurt. You might think that there is nothing out of the ordinary about this yogurt, but the reality is that this type of yogurt has a bit more fat than others and it is creamier. No wonder it is used in so many deserts. There is no talking about this type of food without mentioning honey. The word about the honey made in the Dodecanese and the Cyclades has quickly spread in all the corners of the world. Everyone wants to try this type of honey. Whether it is used to sweeten the tea or in the highly popular Baklava, honey is the word of the day. Just to give you a taste of a Greek morning, you could eat for breakfast a combination of two fundamental ingredients, yogurt and honey. If you add some nuts, it will taste like Heaven.

Going further with the list of ingredients found in any Greek kitchen, you need to think of herbs. Flavor is what makes this cuisine easily distinguishable among others. Mint, thyme, oregano, coriander, basil, these are the kind of dried herbs the Greeks love using when making their dishes. Also, a secret from any authentic recipe book, serving feta cheese is forbidden if it is not properly seasoned with a bit of olive oil and properly dried herbs. Oranges are well known fruits in Greece being grown in large quantities. For this particular reason, this country currently occupies a leading position on the global market, as a strong orange source. These fruits are used both in the making of deserts as well as in preparing regular dishes. Now that some of the most important ingredients in this cuisine have been revealed, there is nothing keeping you from trying a few dishes. Enjoy the flavor and taste of these fabulous ingredients and you will not regret, not for a moment.

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