Stay healthy with Greek yoghurt

The Greek people are not famous only for the production of exquisite Greek extra virgin olive oil, but also for making the creamiest yoghurt on the market. The shelves of grocery stores presently display numerous brands and varieties of Greek yoghurts for customers to choose from. At first sight, there is no real difference between regular and Greek yoghurt, but there is. The first thing that sets this yoghurt apart from others is the texture and the taste. The truth is that not all manufacturers are capable of straining the yoghurt so as to obtain a creamy product. The demand for yoghurt produced in Greece is not justified by the fact that people are tired of regular one and desire an exotic option, but rather by the fact that many have started to realize that it has many benefits for the health. This explains why people ignore the price tag and insist on consuming this type of yoghurt even though it has a sour taste. In time, the benefits will be more than obvious.

Whether of Greek Hellenic origin or not, yoghurt is an essential element of any healthy diet because yoghurt is not full in calories. This means that it is rich in nutritional value and that, not to mention that it contains calcium and bacterial cultures. In addition, dietitians recommend yoghurt for two reasons: it is a good source of proteins and it helps cut back on the intake of sugar. However, the connection between dairy consumption and weight loss is not at all new. The American Journal of Nutrition published a study back in 2010 that highlighted the fact that people with a Mediterranean diet, based on foods such as Greek honey and yoghurt, lost more weight than those who did not consume any type of dairy. As compared to traditional yoghurt, the yoghurt produced in Greece has a double amount of proteins. In other words, you feel full for a longer period of time because the body takes more time to digest it. This comes in handy for people that are struggling to fight food cravings.

Calcium together with other nutrients such as magnesium and phosphorus work to increase the bone structure. It is a fact that many people forget all about it during a diet. Moreover, the calcium that yoghurt contains is not only good for the bones, but also for lowering blood pressure. Fermented foods also aid digestion because they are full of probiotic bacteria. This helps relieve conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and even diarrhea. Yoghurt can be consumed either plain or you can insert it in baked goods. For example, Greek yoghurt can be added to your favorite desserts in the place of other fats. To conclude, Greek yoghurt is definitely the healthier alternative. The Mediterranean people are known to live longer than other people and the secret lies within their special diet. Things such as natural honey, yoghurt, olive oil and many others contribute to a healthy life style and this is why you should take their example.

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