What to do when water damages your home

Although it is essential for human life, water that reaches unwanted places can cause considerable damage. Besides ruining your treasured possessions, it is most likely to affect the structural part of the house, meaning the cabinets, carpets, baseboards. Protecting personal belongings is also important because buying other pieces of furniture or other sets of electronics is expensive. Water leaks have numerous sources, such as faucets and rusty pipes. Many people are not even aware that there is infiltration until the moment when the damage is too evident. Another frequent mistake that homeowners do is treating problem superficially. The damage can reach such an extent that you might need to resort to home reconstruction Calgary for the damaged parts of the house. Another issue associated with leaks and floods is the formation of mould. In damp areas such as the basement, mould forms very easily because the environment offers all the necessary conditions for its development. Mould is highly dangerous considering that it attacks the walls, the furniture, and the floor. More importantly, it poses many health risks; mould causes asthma and other severe illnesses.

The first thing that anyone has to do is to stop the leak of water. Taking into consideration that that most leaks are caused by burst pipes or heater failures, it is necessary to contact an expert that is capable of identifying the source and to repair it. However, before the specialist in Water Damage Calgary arrives you yourself can undertake a few measures. Firstly, you should disconnect all the electronics and you should make sure to be insulated so as to prevent the occurrence of accidents like electrocutions and ultimately death. Equally important is to try to save the possessions that you value the most. For instance, while many people strive to save what is left of their photos and jewellery, others are more practical and direct their efforts towards saving the furniture and the carpets. Next, you should get the water out of your house and this operation needs to be performed as soon as possible because the longer the liquid lingers in your house, the more destruction it will cause. For this purpose, you can use towels, buckets and mops that soak the liquid from your house. If the neighbourhood sewers are not functioning properly, then you have to dispose of the liquid the old-fashioned way: pour it down the drain. Any permeable surface will do.

Floods leave behind them considerable amounts of debris that are toxic. For example, mud is not only toxic, but also the place where snakes and rats like to hide. This operation cannot be performed until the area dries and you should disinfect the house as well. Bacteria can infiltrate in the house through sewers and toilets. As mentioned before, all the excess water contributes to the formation of mould and sometimes the problem can get out of hand. The solution is to call in a specialist in mould remediation that will examine the premises and remove the mould in an efficient way. Some companies even use ecological products in order to protect the health of the customers. When emergency strikes, makes sure to follow these tips and call a specialist.

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