Visit Puerto Plata, the jewel of Dominican Republic

If you are looking for a well-priced, beautiful and welcoming beach resort, then Puerto Plata is the ideal place for you. The city is one of the most popular destinations of the Dominican Republic, being visited annually by thousands of tourists. Puerto Plata excursions have become common in the past years, when the area developed and has plenty of facilities and all inclusive luxurious hotels. In addition to this, those who want to rest during their holidays will find the place perfect, since it also provides a more peaceful atmosphere, compared to other popular resorts. The city is regionally known under the name ‘La Novia del Atlantico’, and besides the beautiful landscapes, it also has a great weather and very welcoming people, who will make you feel like home during your stay. The culture and architecture of the area is really special and you will convince yourself of that if you include in your Puerto Plata tours a visit of the city’s central park (Parque Luperon) and of the picturesque buildings such as the church of Saint Phillip (Iglesia de San Felipe).

As far as architecture is concerned, the gingerbread Victorian buildings are another particularity of the region, which are likely to disappear soon due to commercial development. The Amber Museum is also worth seeing, since it displays one of the greatest collections of precious stones in the world. Once you start getting tired from wandering around, you can take a seat on one of the popular cafes and restaurants near the city center. These are often full, especially during the season, when tourists see them as the perfect relaxation place after a day full of adventures. Although it is not an extremely famous tourist destination, Puerto Plata offers plenty of fun activities and things to do, especially for those who love the sea and the beach. Diving and snorkeling are some of the most popular activities you can participate in: visit the local coral reefs, admire the tropical colors of the water and also explore Paradise Island.

If you want to see Puerto Plata from above and experience its highlights and landmarks, then you can get into a cable car and take a ride over the city, to the top of Mount Isabel de Torres. During the ride, you can admire the local architecture, the blue waters of the ocean and the breathtaking surroundings. In case you are interested of the economy of the area, then you can also pay a visit to the legendary Brugal Rum Factory, one of the world’s top providers of sugar cane rum. After this, you can travel back in time by going to San Felipe Fort, a building made by Spaniards in order to protect the city from pirates’ attacks. For those who are keen on adrenaline, the local companies offer rafting journeys on the longest river of the Caribbean and also car rides in military vehicles, around the Dominican countryside. Ocean World Adventure Park is the ideal place to be especially for kids, who will get the opportunity to swim with the dolphins or attend spectacular sea lion shows. As you can see, regardless the age or preferences, Puerto Plata excursions are the ideal choice for any tourist.

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