Common features of MMORPGs

MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role playing games, a type of program that consists in a combination between role-playing video products and massively multiplayer online games, as the name says. Most of the times, these are browser games, and this allows a huge number of players to access the game at the same time, while also interacting with each other. As same as during a RPG, the player has a particular role and controls a particular character, dictating its actions. The main differences between these types of games are the number of players who can interact on the software and also the fact that the virtual world continues to evolve even if the players are not connected. Some people consider MMORPGs the best online games, which is why they have become extremely popular in countries all around the world. Annually, worldwide revenues are gradually increasing, given the fact that the community of players and subscribers is larger and larger.

The evolution of technology has brought a lot of changes to ancient MMORPGs, and modern games often vary, although they belong to the same class. However, there are some features that remain representative for this type of games and can be found in any MMORPG, such as themes, social interactions during the game, forms of progression, culture, role-playing and character customization or architectural system. To begin with, the themes generally belong to fantasy and the characters’ actions take place in what appears to be a parallel universe. Some games also use merged themes, which combine reality with science fiction elements, such as sorcery, occultism or crime fiction. Besides these, there are also several games whose set is inspired from comic books, for instance. Given the fact that MMORPGs are browser games and allow more than one player to participate, social interaction plays a crucial role, so the software has to facilitate communication between players. Furthermore, some games also demand teamwork, so the individuals are obliged to interact with one another: they can offer support, contribute to the same goal and sometimes even protect other characters from damage and heal them. As a matter of fact, the relationships between players are quite similar to those individuals create in real life: being able to team up and get mutual support equals greater chances to win.

The best online games are based on role-playing, and so are MMORPGs, which have multiple roles that users can choose from, but there are also certain rules each player has to take into consideration. Some of the most common features the characters from MMORPGs can own are: ability to speak, act, interact with others, wealth or experience. Each character can have access to certain resources and features, and they have to do the best out of these, which is why the games are so appealing and demanding. More and more individuals find them the perfect manner to relax yet develop strategic thinking, so the gaming culture has evolved into becoming a genuine community using the same language and social rules.

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