Beginner’s guide to RPGs

As fun as online gaming might be, entering this world for the first time can be a bit confusing and stressful, because there are countless games out there and a huge amount of terminology that can take you by storm. RPGs and MMORPGs are two of the most popular games and beginner players usually want to start with them, based on their reputation. Some of them can be played offline, but most of the time you need Internet access to play them, which means that you will come across other players. Unfortunately, things can get very competitive online and, unless you do some research and train in advance, you will have a hard time competing against more experienced players. Here are some basic tips you should know about RPGs and several suggestions for great RPG games.

What are RPGs?

RPGs are role-playing games, meaning that, after you sign up, you will not be playing as yourself. Instead, you will be taking a different persona and help your character evolve by leveling up, improving skills or gaining weapons. Role-playing games can take place in various settings, but by far the most popular ones is the fantasy world: you can play with knights, mystical creatures and lead armies with characters that are usually wizards, warriors or assassins. RPGs usually allow you to create a character from scratch and then increase special abilities such as strength, intelligence and spells. The main selling point of role-playing games is that they have immersive storylines and a gripping lore.

Types of role-playing games

There is a lot of variety in the world of role-playing games and, no matter who you would like to be, there is a game for you out there. A first distinction can be made between RPG genres. The two opposite poles are action RPGs, which, as the name suggests, are action oriented and involve combat and collaboration with other players. Then there are strategy RPGs, which involve more planning and less action. A second distinction is between the number of players. There are single player RPGs, where you interact with non-playable characters or MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games), where you login on a server and play with people all over the world. In the past, most MMORPGs required an upfront or monthly fee, but now there are many F2P MMORPG, which you can play from your browser.

Games suggestions

If you have decided to play role playing games, then you are definitely in luck, because there are hundreds of options that you can choose from, from simple, minimal F2P browser-based games to impressive MMORPGs that cost several dollars a month. For starters, we would recommend going for something that is free to play, because you do not risk losing your money if you are not satisfied with the gaming experience. League of Legends, from GTArcade, is a great game to start with, especially now, that they game released League of Angels – Fire Raiders. Other examples from the fantasy world include Magerealm, Knight’s Fable and Hero Commander, so if you like fantasy, be sure to give them a try.

To read more about great RPG games and find F2P MMORPG, please click on the links here!

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