Does cinema have any impact on our lives?

The film industry has managed to draw the attention of people from different cultures since it first started to produce movies in the 1900’s. At present, people cannot imagine their lives without the presence of movies and the genres are diversified so as to satisfy the tastes of even the most pickiest of viewers. The probability is that you have seen hundreds of films by now, but was all that time spent in front of the television in vain? While many parents fear that television is not good for their children, the truth is that cinema is not limited to entertainment purposes. Whether you like to admit it or not, cinema has a major impact in the development of the society. This is all possible thanks to the development of technology that has allowed moviemakers to bring true stories to life and portray different cultures and historical events.

However, not all the films that appear are educative and the viewer has to make a thorough selection of what he sees. This is where a movie list based on subject matter comes in handy. While many producers make films just for the sake of it, others focus exclusively on highlighting the socioeconomic and political issues of the world to raise awareness. For instance, not few are the films in which you can see drug addicts or people that suffer from HIV. The purpose of the scenarios created is to inform people about the many concerns that society has to face, as well as drawing attention to the consequences of addiction. The reason why people make films to emphasize the existence of a social matter is that cinema exercises a powerful influence on the minds of people. In other words, people are more likely to remember something that they have seen in a film, rather than the explanations provided at school or in the press. Moreover, the number of people that perceive films as a solution for the progression of society is growing every day. Cinema is the most effective way to fight ignorance and present to people the injustices that occur regularly. In this sense, movies not also portray adventures and horror scenes, but they also promote national integration and intercaste marriages. Films are truly a means of mass communication because they are able to transmit a message to thousands and even millions of people.

On the other hand, watching films is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures. You can also consult with a movie encyclopedia to for title suggestions. The reason for this is that many films either recreate historical events and settings or focus on specific cultures. For examples, the films of Bollywood closely portray the Indian culture. Films take you everywhere you want to go and you can discover cultures without even having to travel. In addition to the display of different cultures, films also influence the habits of people as well. More precisely, by seeing American films you inevitable copy what the Americans do. All in all, making movies is a work of art. According to experts, what makes a film unique from other forms of art is the narrative and the representational aspects. Consequently, producers should do their best to make only educational films and make a positive impact, instead of creating films that are only addictive and void of meaning.

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