What can alternative medicine do for you?

Traditional Chinese medicine, also known as TCM, has been offering people alternative treatments for about 3000 years and its results seem to be acknowledged by more and more people. Ages ago, ancient practitioners have come up with a complex system that can diagnose and cure many different diseases, based only on the connection and equilibrium between all the body parts, both the physical and the spiritual. They considered that finding a balance between the body, mind and spirit represents the key to a healthy life, so they developed a series of methods aiming to treat symptoms and eliminate patients’ discomfort. In spite of the fact that traditional Chinese medicine is different from Western medicine; it does not consist only in alternative procedures, but also in treatments involving pills, powders and other solutions. All these are made of natural compounds and based on holistic understanding of the human body.

In case you are still reluctant about this method, then you should know that is actually based on a simple yet legit principle: all the organs are interconnected through blood vessels and channels, so their functions are strongly related. If one organ or function fails, all the others will also be affected, so the effects will be reflected on the surface. The curing process will definitely start with a complete analysis of your state and medical history, so that the practitioner will know exactly what you suffer from and what you need. Depending on your condition, you may be recommended to attend massage or acupuncture sessions or follow a medicine treatment, using products such as Piantan Fuyuan Wan. Make sure you choose a certified therapist, because they will perform and implement the methods correctly, helping you avoid accidents or side effects. In order to answer the needs of all their patients, Chinese medicine practitioners have perfected many types of techniques: each one has its own approach and is dedicated to a certain branch of diseases and parts of the body.

While some practices are used remotely, others have become extremely popular among people all around the world. These are aiming to correct pathological changes and adjust the body’s functions. Chinese herbal medicine is one of the most popular and consists in all the pharmaceutical products (such as Runchang Wan, for instance). These are similar to traditional ones (capsules, extracts, granules or powders), except the fact that they are made mainly of plants, minerals and animal products. Another widespread method is body manipulation, be it acupuncture or massage: this is mostly used for conditions of the musculoskeletal system, but also for neurological affections like as insomnia, for example. Acupuncture involves penetrating the skin with small needles with the purpose of eliminating tension from the affected tissues. Maybe the most spiritual type of treatment is represented by tai chi, the oldest Chinese medical practice consisting in delicate body movements, during which the patient focuses their breath, mental activity and seeks absolute relaxation.

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