The secrets behind eye-catching company logos

A good logo is an essential element for the success of any business mostly because it embodies the image of the company. First impressions do count, especially in the highly competitive world of business, and customers are more likely to remember what they see. This is the reason why the logos of companies such as Coca-Cola and Penguin Books are present in the minds of everyone and have become in a way emblematic. Given the fact that the first interaction that the customer has is with the company emblem, it is important to create something that is both easy to memorize and timeless. The only issue is that customers see hundreds of emblems on any given day and thus the task of creating one that stands out is that more difficult. Companies that activate in the field of online logo design have a few secrets when it comes to producing distinctive trademarks.

In the process of creating solid trademarks it is always a mistake to overcomplicate things because customers prefer images that are easier to process. In other words, customers will not appreciate something that is too bright or rich in design. Taking this into consideration, it is no wonder that Apple switched from the initial rainbow-colored trademark to a simple black or grey. You are not likely to see iconic companies that have more than two colors inserted in their trademarks. However, the colors that you select for the company trademark should be chosen with great attention because different colors trigger different emotions from the customer. For instance, bright colors like red and yellow are typically associated with youth and excitement and they are recommended for companies that target teenagers and small children. Darker shades like blue transmit the idea of refinedness. Attention should be paid to the fact that the company’s emblem should be consistent with the brand and the overall message.

While complicated graphics may seem like a good idea, what a company really needs is a custom logo design that is friendly and clearly symbolizes the company. For instance, Apple insisted on its main characteristics when designing the trademark: simple to use technology. This is a very good example for any company that desires to become a brand.
In order to build brand awareness, it is essential to insert the company’s name to the graphic. This is especially important for companies that have just started out in the business and need to attract the attention of consumers. Experienced graphic designers know how to use different fonts to emphasize the message that the company wishes to convey and the effects that certain fonts have on the emotions of customers. When creating the trademark it is equally important to consider where it will appear, like envelopes, business cards and even the web. Finally, you can even test the appeal of the logo design by researching the market. The biggest mistake is to assume that the trademark is good without having received opinions from customers. In order to get an idea, it is a good idea to run a survey and see if the feedback is positive or not.

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