Bridal showers dos and don’ts

The bridal shower is a little festivity that anticipates the big event and in the course of which the bride-to-be receives plenty of gifts. Surprising as it may seem, the habit of gift giving is deeply rooted in the past and its initial role was to provide a trousseau for the women who came from poor families. This is not the case anymore and at present bridal showers are a token of affection. However, many people are clueless when it comes to the etiquette that needs to be respected. The reason why most people are confused is that the ceremony itself has changed very much over the years, developing from an event dedicated only to the bride into one that includes both the groom. Regardless of the participants, the bride-to-be still remains the center of attention and the participation at such an event implies respecting some basic rules, whether you’re lending a helping hand in the organization or you’re only a guest.

The first thing to consider when planning the bridal shower is what the bride-to-be actually wants. While some enjoy immensely being the center of attention, others prefer a more quite get together among close friends. If in doubt, you can always consult with the bride-to-be and ask her about her tastes. In addition, it is possible for the bride to have more than one shower. The truth is that women now live a busy lifestyle because they work and at the same time raise families. Bridal showers can be held very well in the native town of the bride-to-be or at work with co-workers. If there is more than one shower to organize, then you should definitely offer your help with coordinating guest lists so that everyone will be invited to all the showers. Proper organization involves delegating tasks so as not to get overwhelmed because there are many important decisions to be made regarding the location, theme and invitations. A good idea is to personalize the décor with the initials of the bride-to-be and pick an arrangement of flowers suitable for her tastes. However, what is feyonce celebration without gifts?

Gifts are probably the most important part of the celebration because they are the way in which people show affection and not for their material value. Bridal shower gifts can be either everyday essentials such as bed linen and scented candles or you can opt for something personalized that the bride-to-be will certainly remember. In this case, the options are endless and you can get either a feyonce top for everyday wear or a coffee table book that contains the couple’s honeymoon destination. It does not really matter what you buy as long as it is something meaningful. Finally, you will have to consider the dress code of the event you are attending. Generally, the dress code is imposed by the theme and location of the shower. Appropriate outfits can be considered both jeans and tops and a fancy dress. Just remember that you should not draw the attention away from the bride-to-be and have a good time.

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