What to get the bride-to be

As opposed to the past when engagement parties used to be celebrated only with family members, now more and more couples prefer to proclaim their pledge to marry in front of as many guests as possible. Although they are very frequent in terms of celebrations, many people are still oblivious of the etiquette imposed by such events. This is the reason why there is much confusion surrounding the issue of presents. The truth is that gifts are not required by tradition because the party is only one in the line of many that typically follow the engagement, such as the wedding or the baby shower. However, if you desire to make a good impression it is important to bring something representative like engagement mugs. If the couple expressly states not to bring any gifts, then you should comply with their wishes.

Most of times, guests will bring a gift to the party even though they do not have to. This happens because the guest really wants to honor the occasion and no party is complete without gifts. In addition, presents are the way in which people manifest affection for one another. Other reasons why guests can bring gifts to the party is to share with the couple the same experience they had when they were gifted with presents at their own engagement party. You should also consider that you may not be able to attend all the other celebration parties and this is the only opportunity you have. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to buy the couple something expensive. The only requirement is to select something that the couple will treasure after years, like a custom book that can be placed next to the feyonce mugs. There are no clear rules regarding what should considered appropriate or not. The type of gift depends on the type of party and on the relationship between the guest and the couple. Classic gifts include flowers, a bottle of wine, chocolates, and so on.

On the other hand, you can add your personal touch and get something creative. Either you can choose a decorative picture frame or you can make a collage that reflects the couple’s journey up until the present moment. Another creative idea is to make a fun print about where the couple met or about their wedding date. While the groom will certainly appreciate a bottle of fine wine, all the bride really wants is a custom wedding book planner to help her through the stressful event. If you are not particularly skilled at picking out gifts, you can always team up with others and get a group gift. The present does not necessarily have to come from the gift of friends. A group gift can come from the family as well. To conclude, an engagement party is a unique event in the life of anyone and should be honored appropriately with a gift. If there are no specifications, you can opt either for a classic bottle of wine and flowers or you can realize something creative like a collage. In the end, it is the thought that counts.

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