The connection between experiential marketing and events staffing

Much like the world of business, marketing is constantly changing, developing and transforming, bringing to the table new approaches worth trying. From the traditional ad, promoting either a brand or a specific product, today specialised agencies seemed to be more concerned with turning marketing into a pleasant, intriguing experience for the large public. The ad is now an introduction and the rest of the campaign will be unravelled in future events. Lately, one approach in particular seems to have gained a surprising amount of popularity and that would be experiential marketing. This method has started being practiced by large, important brands that do not actually seek acknowledgement, but they want to build strong connections with the public. A small company might make use of such a technique to make the public aware of its existence, but a strong, popular brand that trades on the international market does not need any help in this chapter. Once important companies started using this approach, everyone followed the example and took a closer look at what experiential marketing was actually all about.

The most important fact you should know about this type of marketing is that it stands for out of the box ideas. For example, placing personalised notes inside the package of the product or putting together events that are in the spirit of the company, but not necessarily about the company. Assuming that you are designing sportswear, a suitable experiential marketing event would be hosting a basketball tournament offering the people who enlist free clothing pieces of your own making. It is true that in most cases, these events are done in the absence of clear representatives. In others, however, the services of an events staffing agency are necessary. A note in the package of a product is one thing and hosting an event is something completely different. The goal is establishing the connection between the brand and its audience, fact, which brings the event staffing and this type of marketing together. You have to make sure that the public knows what the event is all about and is able to keep the name of the brand in mind. Unlike the regular promotional staffing, the team part of such events will not be there to sell products, but only to communicate with the audience. You have to choose the agency you are planning to collaborate with attentively, because accomplishing this goal might be more difficult than you thought.

Regular advertising is well known by a tone of people, whereas discrete, yet effective marketing is a bit more challenging. It is really surprising how loyalty can be achieved simply be choosing to go for emotions. A simple thank you note a consumer finds in a chocolate bar can be worth 10 commercials. Probably, the significant changes that have lately shaken society are the reason for which an entire idea built solely on the emotional link between brand and consumer has gained such an impressive level of popularity. When you double its strength by hiring an event staff that is not just pleasant on the eyes, but trained in carrying out convincing dialogues, then your campaign can only be a great success.

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