Questions you should ask before hiring a caterer

When you are about to hire a catering company you will need to ask a few questions to be sure you have the right service provider. No matter what type of event you are about to host, be it a wedding, a corporate event or a birthday party, there are still many questions that require a clear answer if you want to have the certainty that everything will go just right. These are the questions that you should always ask before hiring party catering Brisbane services:

How will you handle my event?
The catering company will probably ask you a lot of questions about how you want your event to go and this is a good thing, but you also need to ask the caterers similar questions. You should know how many staffers the company plans on hiring for your event, if they can serve a buffet style or they offer finger food catering Brisbane service and who will be in charge of your event. You should always have a contact person that you can ask any questions you have before the event and make sure you have everything under control for the big day.

Where do you get your ingredients from?
When a caterer lists various local farms and companies as its main ingredient suppliers, you will know for sure that your caterer uses fresh ingredients and that it can adapt its products depending on the season and taste of every person. This aspect becomes very important when you have a guest that has allergies and you do not want to have any unpleasant surprises during your party.

Do you specialise in a certain type of food such as organic, gluten-free and so on? Do you work with fresh or frozen food?
If you have a particular cuisine in mind, you will need to discuss this with your caterers to be certain they will be able to provide you what you want. If you want something very particular such as finger food catering in Brisbane, you should make sure your catering company can offer you these services or if you should start looking elsewhere.

Can you make special meals for children?
No matter how well-behaved they are, children rarely eat the same things that adults appreciate. If you are planning to serve seafood at your event, you might consider preparing something different for the children that will be present there, just to avoid any problems.

What will the staff wear?
If you are planning to organise a themed party, you might prefer to have the staff dressed after a certain these as well. Some catering companies are more than happy to oblige to anything you might provide them to wear others prefer to maintain their own uniform as part of their image. No matter what you want to do, it is always best to know for sure before the event and be prepared for any situation.

What is your leftover policy?
Some caterers pack up the leftovers with them, meaning that you only have to pay for what the guests used, others have a different policy. You should ask of the caterers would be willing to wrap up your food to take home with you or if they have a different policy.

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