Diamonds truly are your best friend

The popularity of precious stones does not seem to have decreased in recent years. On the contrary, their fashionableness has never been so massive and this is proven by the fact that gemstone jewellery is the most appreciated form of jewellery on the market. This can be easily explained by the fact that precious stones are available in a wide palette of colours such as red, pink, blue, green and the list continues. Basically there are endless possibilities to combining them into your personal style and this is what makes them suitable for both men and women alike. However, precious stones have been present since the dawn of time and their presence can be traced to the times depicted by the Bible. In the beginning, precious stones used to be associated with astrological practices and the truth is that at present the tendency of associating gemstones with zodiac signs still remains.

Regardless of the rich history of precious stones, they still remain valuable pieces and it is important to have some background knowledge before rushing into purchasing. The quality of precious applies to stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires that are not that common. Consequently, their price is directly proportional to the rarity of the gem. But there is more to identifying quality stones than the degree of frequency. Firstly, attention should be paid to the colour. Colour represents the most obvious characteristic and it also indicates quality. A precious stone should always present a unique tone like red, green, pink. In other words, it should not present shades. Besides this, the colour should be transparent and must not present any noticeable flaws, although it is important to remember that nothing in nature is perfect. Consequently if the stone applied to the piece of jewellery seems flawless, then it might be an imitation. This is why medium to very light coloured stones are recommended.

The sparkle of the purchased ring or earrings depends largely on the way in which the precious stone was cut. You can easily recognise amateur work by looking at the symmetry of the stone. This is perhaps the most important factor because even when buying rough gems to mount on pieces of jewellery it is of paramount importance to have a good symmetry. Moreover, the well-executed finish increases the capacity of the rock of reflecting the light. Finally, it is up to the customer to decide on what he really desires. The type of precious tone that he choose has to be suited for his project, whether he desires to buy a fancy engagement ring or to purchase wholesale gemstones. At present, there are countless online retailers that provide you with whatever you need and it is better than relying on the jeweller. In addition to this, it is wise to do some research on the retailer that you are buying from because not all of them are reliable. It never hurts to check the customer feedbacks. To conclude, you should buy with confidence and enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

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