Three garage shelving ideas you could use

Most houses come with a garage, but, unfortunately, few are the people who actually offer it the attention it deserves. People are used to just throwing everything they don’t need into the garage, sometimes things going so out of hand that people choose the park their cars in the driveway rather than clean the garage. While this may not happen too often, the reality is that few people actually take the time to properly organise this space before things get too cluttered. However, there are several garage shelving ideas you might want to consider if you should ever decide to organise your garage and make the most of the space it offers.

The first idea is also the most popular one and it refers to free standing storage units, which are frequently bought by many people. These storage units can be made from different materials like metal, wood or plastic. Always consider the weight of the load when deciding for a particular type. Although free standing units are usually so popular because they can hold heavier loads than wall-fixed systems. When you start making garage shelving plans, however much you’d like to think outside the box, it would be a waste not to take into account these highly practical units, providing you with easy access and high visibility. Free standing units come in a huge range of sizes, so they can be an adequate choice for small garages as well.

Secondly, when it comes to garage shelving ideas, you can’t look away from cabinets. Cabinets have not only shelves, but also doors, so all items placed inside can be nicely tucked away – out of sight, out of mind. In other words, it could be messy inside those cabinets, but no one will be able to tell. This alternative comes in plenty of design choices and once again, you have more than enough options in terms of materials. However, unlike the previously mentioned alternative, cabinets do take more of your space, becoming an option for larger garages. They have an extra advantage though, their closed space significantly reducing the level of dust and dirt.

The third option would be hanging systems. These are great for bulky items, sports equipment, bikes and canoes and other such things that wouldn’t exactly fit on a shelf. A pulley system is not exactly a shelving idea, but it’s still storage. And, if you are keen on garage shelving ideas, you can always opt for wall-fixed shelves that might take fewer space, but they won’t provide you with as much load support as free standing units. All in all, if you’ve decided to declutter your garage and you started making garage shelving plans, then the 3 main systems to use, the ones that will never fail you, are: free standing units, cabinets and wall shelves. You’ll have plenty of options within these three ranges, that’s for sure, so just browse the market carefully. Base your decision on quality and suitability to your garage, rather than aspect and price.

If you are in need of garage shelving ideas or to draw up a few garage shelving plans, please click on these links!

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