Erasing data before actually selling

There inevitably comes a time when you will have to say goodbye to the old phone because mobile devices do not last forever. Even if it is still functional despite the broken screen, with the emergence of new mobile devices on a daily basis it is not a complete surprise why so many people get tired of those that they own. While in the past it would be rather difficult to convince someone to buy a used phone, now everyone has the possibility to sell iPhone 4s 16 GB on the Internet that has proven to be more than an ideal market. This process is generally known as recycling and it is a good way to make some cash from the sale of the used mobile device. Depending on the model and the condition of the device, the owner is able to recover a considerable amount of the phone’s value and maybe even purchase another one.

To begin with, there are countless websites where you can sell anything from smartphones to tablets. The process is considerably facilitated owing to the fact that everything is done online and because you able to get in touch with interested buyers from all around the world. While many people focus mainly on finding a potential buyer, they fail to remember that preparing the mobile device for delivery does not necessarily mean to wrap it up beautifully. Given the fact that nowadays mobile phones are used for more than texting messages and that contain a considerable amount of personal data such as photos, Internet history and implicitly info related to bank accounts passwords, it is important to make sure that you do not leave anything on it. What many people do not realize is that even if the application and the history have been deleted the data may still be found on the device. This is done with the help of special software that are now available to everyone because they are not that expensive. This is why you should remove all personal data before trying to sell iPhone 6 64 GB. The drawback is that not even software re-installation is efficient anymore and thus mobile devices become toys in the hands of hackers.

The only solution is to use tools that support permanent data removal as opposed to the classic factory reset. In this way you can ensure that the data is entirely removed from the phone and there are a few companies that offer this king of software. On the other hand, there are several online retailers that actually do this operation for you for a certain cost. It is important to verify if the online platform allows you to monitor the process. To sum up, data erase should not be ignored because there is no way of knowing where your device will end up. Cases of identity theft are more and more frequent and people often wonder why this happens. While it is useful to have everything in one place, it is advisable to cover your tracks.

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