Why you should recycle your old iPhone 5S

After upgrading to the latest iPhone, your old iPhone 5S probably lays forgotten in a drawer somewhere in the house. It is true that the price of a mobile phone drops considerably after the latest generation is launched, but things stand a little differently with iPhones and Apple products in general. Even after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch, you could sell iPhone 5S 16GB at an incredible price, because products developed by Apple do not lose their value that easily. What is more, if you choose to recycle your old iPhone 5, because it is in a bad shape or broken for instance, you can still get a nice sum for it. Considering the fact that Apple releases a new mobile phone every year, it is important to sell iPhone 5 32 GB and any other older generation of phones from this brand until that date, because every time a new model emerges on the market, the value of the old ones drops. It will not be a significant drop in value for iPhone 6 that is certain, but you will not get that much on an iPhone 5 or 5S anymore, because people will want to get their hands on the latest models rather than the old ones. Therefore, you should recycle your iPhone 5 while you can still get a lot of money for it.

It is no longer a hassle to sell your iPhone to a third party or recycle it, because you can take advantage of online marketplaces that specialize in either buying and recycling iPhones or acting as intermediaries. If you wish to sell iPhone 5S 16GB, you can post an ad and wait for someone interested to contact you or you can resort directly to a company that buys used mobile phones and devices. The latter option is slightly more advantageous, because you will not need to invest time, effort and money trying to sell your old phone. What is more, you will receive your money in just a couple of days by resorting to the services of a professional marketplace. You do not even have to go to the store personally, you can simply send your iPhone to the address of the shop and they will send you the money via bank transfer after checking its condition. Some companies also use currier services and send someone to your home to take the package containing the phone.

Last, but not least is recycling your old iPhone. If you wish to sell iPhone 5 32 GB to a third party, you will have to wait for a long time to find a buyer and you will not get as much as you would like for it. Recycling it is a better idea when the condition of the iPhone is not perfect or it has been damaged, because phone-recycling companies are willing to pay an important sum for a used iPhone irrespective of its condition. While the iPhone is useless to you, manufacturers can still use the components, so the value of old devices is not low.

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